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i’ve got this green tea that only steeps for ~30 seconds, and it’s great. i’ve gotten like 5 uses out of this one tea bag so far, which seems really silly to get excited over but i like it.

still waiting for volume 1 to arrive, but i’m glad i was able to get originals!

everyone is gonna get mad at me for saying this, but…

i’ve always had to be uncomfortable with being the youngest person in the room, but i think this is the first time i’m uncomfortable with being significantly older than my counterpart in an interview.

hahaha, i fucking love how apple seems to take every godsdamn opportunity to throw your old photos in your face without providing a way to disable or prevent it from happening. you got me. hilarious.

ah, it’s already almost dawn. night time seems to be passing easier for me lately. it’s a bit of a blessing when you are unable to conform to a normal schedule.

i want to be able to write, freely, again. i don’t know when, exactly, it happened; but it is clear to me now i’ve lost part of my (mind/self) that allowed me to express myself using illustrative language, and i don’t know how to get it back.

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was able to finish two separate netflix anime series today; β€œBNA” and β€œviolet evergarden”. both were enjoyable, i found the latter particularly touching as i’m in the process of trying to pick up the pieces and heal a trauma i have with using the written word.

i haven’t gotten properly angry about anything for a long time now. i honestly want to be angry about everything that has happened to me so far, but it won’t do me any good - it is not productive. i am getting real sick of being stuck in this slump.

mmm, currently experiencing a strange feeling that seems close to light-headedness, i got the message that my body is not okay with being awake at the moment. willing yourself to not pass out is probably not something i’d recommend to a friend, but it sure felt odd.

overnight i was reading the korean webcomic β€œburning effect”, the art style is really aesthetically pleasing, the use of bold colors in otherwise vastly b/w art with heavy inking; but also i kinda really want to see an animation of the fight sequences from chapters ~80-107.

i want something almost exactly like pyparsing in nim but the lexer module
provided by the stdlib is so bare bones, it makes it difficult to spin up simple dsls. i guess i should try fleshing out a more
sophisticated version myself…

i wish i could still find destiny 2 fun because the new content seems interesting.

hmmm, is there an app that i can scan in the isbn codes of my books to keep a digital record of what is in my personal library?

it’s coming together slowly, and it’s the largest amount of code i’ve had to write for one thing in a while. i don’t find it that much fun but it is interesting and somewhat small of a challenge to put it all together to fill a need i have.

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i’m putting together my own read-it-later service/bookmark manager. it has a http/rest interface and a textual command line interface. it’s requiring me to do database work, user authentication, syncing between instances, in all it is a lot of work for me to do alone.

not to mention the fact if your interview questions require that much prep then maybe you are failing at measuring relevant metrics for the candidate? it really feels like this is just to screen out people that aren’t fanatical about working for them. that seems toxic to me.

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frankly the idea that they want me to spend multiple weeks to prep for a timed 30-minute coding interview specifically about aglorithm and datastructure questions that are for the most part irrelevant to ios dev is really obnoxious to me.

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recruiter from a particular social media company approached me, & i’m honestly rather amazed at how perfectly geared
their interview process is at the type of people i would
call β€œknow-it-all”s (in the bad sense). it’s this perfectly evolved machine to do utterly pointless things

i have so many books that i periodically re-discover entire genres that i had purchased at one point and
had forgotten about entirely.

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