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i don’t think americans are ever taught the language to interact with these concepts in any significant way - just that it should be idolized and strived for. also remain puritan enough as a culture to embrace suffering as “good for the soul”.

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i think it’s the nuance between being selfish versus individualism. it’s not a problem of putting yourself before others, but rather removing yourself from the scope of the problem based on the idea that it isn’t significant enough to matter or concern to you.

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i’m curious to see how the next several years play out to see how the newly disabled accept reality of life. it’s disappointing that despite the suffering inflicted, this country will not change how it culturally thinks and acts. i find it rather pathetic to be completely honest.

i swear, i’m going to last another 10 years at most before i’m going to have to move to a small and remote island for my own sanity.

the wind seems to be blowing in just the right direction to carry the smell of pyrotechnics through my open window. not that i mind but i am curious as to what reason the city has to be setting them off today.

i’m immensely enjoying the irony that work’s new policies around being in the office and security of employee access is what is going to make me unable to safely attend work events and travel. i’m deriving a great amount of amusement from this situation.

there was a time i didn’t give a damn about this, but now i have to ration my time and energy and would rather not waste it on such worthless endeavors as humouring someone that is wrong and doesn’t know it yet.

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when i get ignored or my comments discarded in conversation because the other party assumes they are correct and i’m not, i’m left wondering if it is as obvious them as it is to me how much of a tool they are being by just not attempting to bridge that gap of understanding.

every time i have to interact with a bank i am reminded how fucking shitty everything about it is. i’m still waiting on something i requested from them back in july. absolutely no faith in this at all.

i love how as soon as we get vax boosters for the current strains, all other measures just go right out the window, only to be reverted in 6 months when another significant% of the healthy people become disabled or die (again). you’d think that after 2 years of this we’d learn.

honestly i’m most irritated by how many signals i have to sort through and choose to listen to or ignore based on how likely they seem to be signaling a ‘real’ problem. that alone is cause for headache.

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it’s still so strange to me, that i understand what my illness does to me on an intellectual level, but i don’t understand how that translates to how i feel on a given day. i can say that i’m feeling fatigued but also not know why that is from the half to dozen or so reasons.

why does discord take exponentially longer to log in the longer you leave it between checks?

at this point this show seems to span literally all of the second age and well into the third, as the rise of sauron happened at year 500 of the second age, rings made at 1500, one ring at 1600, then his defeat at 3441, then istari arrive 〜1000 later during the third age.

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so the rings of power series is suppose to just be pure noncanonical fantasy then? according to the official timeline, there is a good 3000 years between the forging of the original rings of power and the arrival of the istari to middle earth.

i kinda screwed myself as i got a regular covid booster a couple of weeks ago now and i’ll not be able to get the new one prior to travel. that said i don’t know if we were expecting approval to happen so soon. guess i’ll have to rely on others getting theirs for a few months.

how am i just now noticing that the placement of the heterochromia in rosa’s eyes is inverted from her model to her character art?

what is a hyphenated letter prefix to a word suppose to signify? is it a drawn out sound or repeated sound? i always thought it was supposed to be a repeated sound but some subtitles have me doubting everything about this.

long weekend, i’m looking forward to trying to catch up on sleep.

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