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just finished otherside picnic omnibus volume 3. the templeborn story was quite involved, it was nice having a much longer episode than normal, but it also felt a bit disjointed from the story so far. i suspect that has to do with the telling and setup compared to the previous

i’m a little upset that i’m reading a work that would extremely clearly benefit from being in more than one language, as there is multilingual dialogue that is being represented in a singular language and it’s just breaking me.

not to mention there are a couple of low cost angels that i could pull in. while the deck was originally themed around serra specifically, the mechanics from SNC are quite good and would enable me to leverage some more power from some minor card changes.

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damn. i may have to retool my mono white angel themed commander deck to include elspeth resplendent; giada, font of hope; and luxior, giada’s gift from streets of new capenna set. i was previously using rune-tail, kitsune ascendant for the turn 3 enchantment effect, but idk now.

woo-hoo! i did end up needing silverash (ugh) for the EX-8 CM stage. i was able to use kjera’s skill activation to bypass the stun from degenbrecher at the quarter health intervals both times, which i didn’t expect at first.

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was able to clear BI-EX-8 without silverash and without degenbrecher crossing th middle of the map, but i’m not sure i’ll be able to pull off the same stunt on the challenge mode of that stage.

the altered perception state resulting from attempted communication through the channel of human fear, and how the change in perception has a tangible impact on the individual’s ability to (physically) interact with reality is fascinating.

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i’m trying to come up with the words to explain what i like most about otherside picnic, but it’s difficult to construct the context on it. the theory on interactions with the UBL that the work has is fascinating, and not something i originally expected to be fleshed out this far

refreshing myself on the otherside picnic ominbus 2 before i start reading vol 3, but horror as a genre is a bit weird for me. i’ve yet to experience something that scares me that isn“t abstract, so it leaves me with this sense of curiosity or intrigue instead.

i was not expecting a third season of jashin, nor was i expecting that one cameo.

was able to get some cleaning in today after having to run to the pharmacy. now i’ve got my imac g4 (lampshade) set up on my desk. going to need to find a small table to replace the crap one i’ve got now, as well as some book shelves.

i suppose it is still early, but there are significantly fewer fireworks tonight than past years.

i didn’t get to refill my POTS meds before the weekend so i’ve got to wait til tomorrow and it’s a bit weird feeling this tense all the time when it
has nothing to do with anxiety or stress.

done with volume 14 of “so i’m a spider”. the pacing was a bit different but i enjoyed the way it told the story. i think we are finally in the concurrent present, but i suppose that vol 15 will make that clear or not.

i've started reading "seven days in silverglen" on webtoon, and i just cannot. the art and aesthetic is fantastic, i'm looking forward to this series.

in other gaming news, i finished the story stages for the "break the ice" event yesterday, which had me using tsukinogi (?!) on the boss stage - and it has given me new reason to dislike some characters i already disliked. so, there is that.

i had two close calls so far and it's honestly been a shitty run. i lucked out finding a bone on level 22, but this run has been so loot poor that i'm not sure how much farther i can get. i did somehow OH-KO lord surtur in the valkyrie quest, which i didn't expect at all.

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in a recent game of nethack, i made it all the way past medusa for the first time and now i'm at the castle and i'm just sitting there knowing that there are so many ways i could fuck this game up at this point and i'm a bit nervous to proceed.

well, "doughnuts under a cresent moon" vol 3 was really 'oophff' with the feelings there at the end. i'm definitely looking forward to the final volume now.

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