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discovering that twitter
wants my birthday so i can see what it thinks are adult content tweets, and i'm not seeing them in tweetbot so i'm now unsure if it's being filtered out of the api results or not.

tribal scheme is brutal if you let the 3 ritualists remain active on the field. i did manage to clear it thought.

damn, this one had bad modifiers. i'd like to do risk 15, but i think i need to be closer to level
90 on E2 to manage that.

ugh, does 'defaults' on
macos not support querying the values of keys within a dict or array in the given domain? i cannot find an example that doesn't attempt to dump or modify the plist
directly which wasn't safe.

i look forward to reading "kill me now" each week for the moments where haegu is exactly my brand of crazy.

gods, i feel really riled up today and i cannot put my finger on exactly why. the fact that i'm also feeling more exhausted than usual from work isn't helping either.

in the current CC event, i've decided to try for SS ranking in each of the daily stages. they only reward going up to risk 8, but it is good practice for me to try for risk 12 (at least) in these stages.

hmm, i don't know if i'd really classify "cowboy bebop" as a "gangster tv show" there netflix, but i guess there is only so much content that i watch that could be classified as such…

risk 19 clear, the timing is a bit precise and the run requires you let the first (8th to spawn) bitey escape in order to kill enemies 9-21 in the pre-boss wave. i used BP but she can overkill the smarteys and that means they won't blow up the counterparts from the other side.

all of my monk builds, half my wizard builds, one crusader, and possibly one barb; all broken. ugh. i feel like i might as well delete them and make new ones from drops entirely considering i'm over paragon 1000 at this point.

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pretty annoyed with the fact that i am coming back to diablo 3 on my switch and find multiple greater rift 90+ builds that cannot even manage trash mobs on torment 16.

after playing diablo immortal this week and hitting level 46, i'm not sure i'm going to keep playing. the right amount of reward drops is just not there. it doesn't feel like diablo to me, frankly. the market also feels in bad taste too.

wow, risk 18 on this
CC event was incredibly easy so long as you have a
ch'alter to clear the major wave of enemies then reposition for the boss.

a few weeks ago, days ago even, i was perfectly fine on 4-5 hours of sleep. now anything less than 8 has me feeling like i actually died. i don't get it in the slightest.

i've spoken so much during this week that my voice is just wrecked. i kinda hate it but also appreciate how valuable i seem to be because of it.

i had 15 minutes of meetings scheduled today and yet i've still ended up on calls all day so far.

geez, i'm exhausted and wwdc has been the furthest thing from my mind today. i'm shocked at how i use to manage it.

i have been so out of it today, mentally. i'm going through the motions but not really paying attention to any of it. that's why i left laundry in the drier without starting it, not taken my meds at all today.

for this, i know an incalculable number of people will be hurt in the process, and at some point that outcome is not acceptable. i don't see an alternative at this point. it's so long past the point of inaction that it will never happen due to inertia.

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