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i'm dying at the number of "i wanna be wanshu" comments on 'i'm more dangerous than you' #42. i knew they were going to happen but the sheer volume! hahaha

when you see a friend tweet about a technical topic that you would be interested in seeing where the conversation goes, but then realizing your individual knowledge is so out of date that any replies they might get are going to be meaningless to you and it just sucks out the joy.

Fuuuuuck!!! i got separated from my purple worm pet by two dungeon levels and then got ganked by an air elemental that spawned on top of me. im so pissed that was the end of that run. fuck.

there are rare days where i feel like something has come along and hollowed me out. not only do i lack energy, but it is physical too - like have my insides have been scooped out and closed back up. let me just say, having nerve degradation is one hell of a trip.

all of the most annoying and run-ending monsters get vacuumed up by the worm and i just have to worry about hauling loot around and grinding levels to hit mid-game quest.

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in this evening's game of nethack, my pet dog got polymorphed into a purple worm via a trap and this has been the most hilarious run i've had in ages. only downside is it tends to eat the shopkeepers right off the bat so it's hard to sell loot, and i don't have a leash for it yet

when you have a bunch of important meetings and it isn't so easy to just skip out because you feel like shit.


sometimes i get so incredibly tired and then i'm reminded of the fact i haven't taken my pain meds and then i do and i'm suddenly not anymore.

i watched a movie over the weekend that i actually enjoyed watching that wasn't just entertainment - "the lost city of z". i mention this as it was the probably the first i have enjoyed since i saw "arrival".

huh, i don't think i was expecting a new (to global) event in arknights right after the one we just had last week, but i'm not complaining about it. not to mention a bunch of limited gacha too!

it's sunday and i'd like to do something engaging, and all i can think about is the fact that i'm so worn thin right now that i can barely function.

"even though we are adults" has to be one of my favourite manga series currently. the fact that it is messy and real is so refreshing.

i cannot imagine what user research went into the "your package is 10 stops away" push notifications that amazon does. why is this useful information? can i turn it
off without losing all push notifications?

if i could alleviate one health/medical problem it would probably be the "having my bones feel like they have been replaced with lead" and not the constant pain. as that is far more inconvenient than anything else.

have they made a roomba yet that doesn't get completely taken out by long hair? i think i'm due an upgrade but if it's going to be just as annoying to clean every couple of runs due to getting wrapped up in the moving parts then i might not bother.

i've reached the stage of being able to tell how early morning it is via the level of bird-song that is outside. being able to tell when it is 4am and you still haven't slept yet is definitely a life skill i needed to acquire.

i just tried to pinch zoom a picture on a physical paper product to see it larger… welp.

i need to go to the pharmacy but i also feel terrible and need to rest this off. i need my meds refilled, and should have called to have them delivered to me instead but wasn't able to do that yesterday.

i have no idea what is being hammered outside but they are going to get murdered if they keep it up. i'm so fed up of this awful headache and all this noise is not helping.

i am a little puzzled over this morning - i barely slept and woke up feeling very unwell, there was this ache or strain like my existence being spread too thin. it's been a few hours now and it seems to have passed or otherwise subsided for now. it's just really odd.

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