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i am really loving this new OS; why does apple have to be the only company that produces a decent out-of-the-box phone. stop try to sell me your garbage services, please!!

now i've got a 256GB phone, i can load all my music on it and not have to pick and choose or worry about running out of space. still gotta resolve an app's icloud data restore as it keeps picking to restore from the ipad rather than the iphone. don't know how normies deal with it

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well, looks like i was able to move over to a new iphone without losing anything, but that was way too difficult. had one app that has disappeared from the store (probably due to apple's porn censorship) and had to jump through flaming hoops to restore it.

is it still possible for me to back up an app from my iphone and install it onto another ios device i have if said app is no longer on the store? i use to be able to do this but i don't see how on the current version of itunes.

getting annoyed at the fact that the ios data transfer between phones is a blocking operation that prevents me from doing literally anything else with my old phone at the same time.

as it turns out, my brain is as nonfunctional now as it was back in december. ha ha haaah.

got to see the new iphones, decided to go with the 13, the mini is going to be small on my eyes and the pro is too heavy. i like the return of the flat edges on this model too.

whoa, massachusetts finally has exposure notifications? when did this happen?

i need to go out and i really don't want to, despite it being for a thing i do want. ugh. this is absolutely horrid and it makes me angry.

oh my goddess, it feels so good and clean to have had a haircut. i couldn't properly enjoy it yesterday as there was too much fragrance in some of the product they used and it kept my brain out of commission. i definitely should make this a three month thing rather than six.

currently a little nonplussed as i haven't moved from a single spot all afternoon and yet still somehow managed to misplace something from my person.

going down the block to get my hair cut then gonna come right back and sleep. definitely feeling the consequences of willing myself through today thus far.

i'm definitely gonna need time off after this week. love how convenient this illness is, picking the best time to act up in the worst ways.

really hate that i have to go out today, but putting it off is not going to make it any better.

as much as i've mastered the zen of "not giving a fuck", in order to navigate life the way i do - there is no substitute for properly venting anger on someone, deserved or not.

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having some low key rage right now after finding out the script i went to get filled on thursday and told they didn't have it, was recieved by the pharmacy also on thursday and now i need to make an unnecessary trip when i could have waited there an hour a few days ago.

wow it'd be great if my limbs didn't feel like i was under double gravity.

i came across the netflix series "the silent sea" this evening and i cannot help but feel like i've seen this monster before, like, i wan' to say it's a doctor who baddie but it feels slightly too morbid. i cannot place it right now, but i know i've seen it before.

don't know how i'm just learning that you have to leave a quotation open when a speaker has a very extended set of dialogue (well i know how, i'm not that type of writer), but i absolutely hate it. who even made these rules, i mean really!!

yo, it's been almost a full week off and i'm still so tired it's starting to seem like maybe that wasn't the problem. ugh.

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