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to be entirely honest, i have no idea how many novels i've read in the last few weeks just so i've had something to fully occupy my mind with.

there's an app i've been using lately which has what i've assumed to be a clock next to a battery icon inside the fullscreen mode of the app, however the time never seems accurate to actual time and i've got no idea what it is trying to represent.

i'm reading a novel and i'm struggling with it a lot due to how poor the author's comprehension of the main character is. it's offputting and makes it difficult to see the character as a person rather than a vehicle of the author's desire to create a narative.

when will the state of massachusetts ever decide to summon me for jury duty at a location i can actually physically get to? i swear, once i'm actually able to show up i'll be stricken from the jury pool so fast that i'd rather just eat the fine for not showing in the first place.

the worst part about being an expert is having to insist on a piece of nuance that others will dismiss or find difficult to believe to be true.

being reminded how brutal and poor the enemy design is in parts of D2. getting insta-gibbed by undead stygian dolls in NM act 3, despite being over geared, and act 5 ancients way bosses are a bitch to kite to death - especially if they kill my mana battery merc.

woohoo!! i think this is the first time i've completed a medal set for during the event.

i'm curious as to what field i'll attempt to master in the next 5 years. i've been able to grace the top of two related fields of work in the last 10, i'm already really bored with the space - so it'll have to be something new this time, which will be more difficult to measure.

my employer is hosting a conference this week and i've got access to all the sessions but unsure i've got time to schedule learning for myself ontop of everything else i have going on.

the balance of being lazy versus moving myself forwards is tough. i am extraordinarily lazy if it aligns with my interests and that can be a problem (or rather is my problem). i just need a suitable anchor point to start off from, which takes my leisurely ass some time.

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i'm finding it extremely distasteful that i was probably as ready to get up over an hour ago as i am now. it isn't a problem per se, but it's annoying to have to deal with as i know it's purely a mental block rather than an actual limitation or concern for my health.

having a weird time with the acknowledgement of my own achievements. like, i've never gone out of my way to compare myself to others, so when i do and find myself so staggeringly far ahead - i'm at a bit of a loss.

well, 15 minute power nap, definitely changed how much energy i have, but yeah, still very cold.

gods damn!! i'm too cold this morning and getting up feels impossible.

not even halfway through the last (?) episode of fena and have to say, this show deserves a the hardest of hard passes. these last two episodes have been awful in unexpected and very silly ways.

or, rather, i'm worried that i've unknowingly set myself up for bearing the brunt of consequences by wanting to break free of my previous "safe" life patterns i've crafted to survive rather than to actually live.

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