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mmmnn. this week has been hard on me, the level of focus i've been exerting has been abnormally high and now i feel some acute strain from it.

*shakes to clear head*

it is difficult to change the way one engages with the world once the habit

i forgot how annoying it is to have a piercing healing in your nose and have bad allergies. sigh. gotta endure this for a few more months before i can switch the post out with a hoop.

when you have chronic health conditions, the mental calculus involved in navigating even a "how are you?" is tremendous.

reread "fragtime" last night on a whim and found myself feeling it more than i remember.

having a really confusing time right now as i've got a book in had that was published april 2020 and i believe i've had it longer than that. it's making my long sense of time really "snap" back into place in a very weird way.

my dad got this from work, and i think it is funny! (yes there is liquid in the bottle)

for example, the word choice here really sinks this delievery - compared to the "a priestess is pure, proper, and powerful" that's used officially. i think this is bad because menou is so utilitarian as a character that it becomes clear this is not her phrase, but someone else's.

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i don't think i'd call myself a "purist" when it comes to translations of works but i do begrudge people for "sloppy word choice". using a word that doesn't carry the correct nuance can drain the power and emotion from it entirely, and i think that is sad.

ugh, i've got laundry to do, and then having dinner with my family later, plus i have a feeling that i'm not going to be able to push myself today either.

having a weird impulse today, i'd really like to drive again - or more accurately - i'd like to be able to speed/race in a vehicle. that's gonna be hard as i'd need a vehicle and someone that's let me without a license.

hmmm, that was interesting … i definitely *felt* that piercing in a place i haven't before. i wonder if my sense of pain has started to recalibrate itself.

i just reached the part of "adachi and shimamura" where adachi has a 5 and 1/2 page uninterrupted verbal monologue and … oh no. this poor girl, she has it so so bad.

the word choice in the english subtitles of the otherside picnic anime is really unfortunate :\


the ordering of episodes is also really weird compared to the omnibus volumes of the novels.

i still marvel at the fact i can single handedly derail any meeting the first time i join it. how is it my fault y'all have never seen a headset with cat ears on it before?

i've been using my ipad pro a lot lately but i am tempted to switch back to an ipad mini but cannot remember the passcode to it to unlock it so i might just put that idea aside.

hahaha, at the end of the 'tower of god' anime and has me mildly interested in reading the comic - however, i am definitely a fan of rachel; which seems to put me at odds with the universe 😏

it's kinda disappointing now that i'm earnestly attempting to learn a new skill and it's taking a reasonable about of time to practice and learn properly. my past experience of mastering other skills is now something i recognize as unnatural rather than normal. sigh.

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