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i’m trying to think about how many ios dev teams actually have (had) someone on staff that was knowledgeable enough in objective-c as a language to comfortably use the runtime apis. i’ve always been the only/most advanced dev for teams i’ve been on but wondering how true that is?

like, if you persist and choose the path of most harm to yourself despite my efforts to avert that, you can make your own bed, i’m not going to perform my piece to death to appease your vanity to make you change, i honestly rather watch you burn out of spite.

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trying to reconcile where i draw the line between my responsibility as an educator to guide people towards the best path and my limited ability to engage in a prolonged debate to ensure they understand the implications of that path.

hey ios dev friends, i’m asking for a collegue: did you experience an up-tick in UI test failures (due to timeouts) when going from Xcode 11 to 12? tests are not passing bc they haven’t finished running by the time the actions were supposed to be done, trying to narrow down cause

i was mainly after new angels for my serra commander deck. the colors don’t fit, but i really like the art on the showcase β€˜firja, judge of valor’ though

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holy shit, well i just opened a draft box of kaldhiem boosters and got a phyrexian print of β€˜vorinclex, monstrous raider’ so there’s half the cost of that returned right there.

funnily enough, i never discovered this stuff while i was working on a video conferencing product. i probably didn’t use it enough to notice this, as it’s taken 3-4 weeks of constant use to notice this now.

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it also has me noticing that i make less eye contact with people as they make less eye contact with me (looking at where β€˜i’ am vs where the camera is) and that is pretty interesting as i now spend a lot of time looking away from my screen.

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video conferencing has got me to notice the masking and attention cues i have in conversation. giving short verbal affirmatives throughout to signal my engagement despite not fully appearing engaged as to not deter people.

when i stopped writing software for myself a number of years ago, i found that i could tell when i was about to embark on digging myself a hole for no good reason, and instead i started to think about why that was. recognizing this in myself helped me spot it in others too.

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though i think most of my current stories are about how fucking scared everyone seems to be about establishing process for anything as a basis of communicating needs, and how that gets you into deep shit because you do things without having systems to balance out consequences.

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i once asked him what the actual point of that was, because the vast majority of the team couldn’t solve it either, and he got incredibly upset and i stopped getting included in interview panels after that.

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it’s also so mundane, like, i once had a coworker regularly give technical whiteboard questions to correct a syntax error in a nested set of 10-15 ternary statements in C that was filled with archaic syntax.

now, i’ll admit that i’m 110% a sadist but what this guy did was…yikes

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maybe i could write and sell it as fantasy and get away with it that way? some of this is so utterly unbelievable that i’m not sure there is much point in trying to recount it.

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cool, there looks like a source code leak happened
for a community i’m involved in and i’m really unsure what to expect other than a lot of overly giddy people that are gonna get dmca’d very soon.

housemate is telling me that i really should write a book about the absolutely wild shit that i’ve seen in the tech industry. i’d probably be sued to death if i actually did but i want to normalize talking about some of the really heinous shit that goes on that we don’t question.

i am so glad i have a 3 day weekend. i really want to stop being so damn exhausted by everything, all the time.

i’m super pissed off and agitated over something that absolutely should not have happened to me, but is due to someone else’s failure of process. now it seems like they want to resolve this as easily/amciably as possible and i’m dead set on not letting that happen.

please, don’t be offended if i don’t seem to remember you or that we have interacted before, or that i don’t remember what that topic was either. it happens a lot, and i really cannot perform hyperspecific recall without a hyperspecific context as well.

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