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because i spend my midnight til 4am hours reading instead of sleeping, iโ€™m currently having a whole lot of feels about birth family interactions as a trans femme. ffuuuuck, on the one hand iโ€™m glad i can start to process this, on the other: can i go back to not thinking about it?

iโ€™ve got myself stuck in the unfortunate loop of โ€œmy head hurts, standing is badโ€ -> โ€œhavenโ€™t eatenโ€ -> โ€œneed to make foodโ€ -> โ€œstanding is bad, my head hurtsโ€ where waiting is the best and also worst option available to me.

okay, so for whatever reason this python wrapper of libgit2 iโ€™m using wonโ€™t generate a diff that includes a staged empty file and this is really pissing me off because i wanna be done with this script and stop digging through this horrible library code.

the purpose of this is to have a searchable and interactive index of my code work history as documentation. i want to do more literate programming too and i think this is a good way to start with that practice.

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i've put together a bare-bones script that should allow me to generate .org files for each commit i make to any git repo, and then should be able to take those commit message org files and link them into an index that allows me to log time spent per commit too!

frankly this goes way beyond the level of โ€œpet peeveโ€ because of how stupid we have become about adopting security vs understanding security. donโ€™t make me install apps on my phone to prove my identity if biometrics on my laptop would do the same thing. itโ€™s really awful.

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i want to write an org file each time i make a commit: but git commit templates only allow you to populate the commit editor with static text. so do i need to have a precommit hook to generate a new commit msg template each time? or is there a better way?

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each time i run `git commit`, i want to generate a commit message that allows me to list the changes to each file in the commit based on that file's state (modified/deleted/added/etc). how do i do this? do i need a precommit hook to make a new commit template file each time?

pet peeve: when you say โ€œmultifactor authenticationโ€ but really mean โ€œmultidevice authenticationโ€

today, like iโ€™ve done for the past few years, iโ€™ve made the content on my website inaccessible in observance of trans day of visibility. (you will have to excuse the inelegant message i put together just before it went live as the page i previously redirected to seems to be down)

one of the curses that comes with understanding build systems is when you see people struggle with them and you want to go help them, but know that even if you did - the problem wouldnโ€™t be resolved.

that is the worst kind of curse, where more information wonโ€™t help anyone.

i seem to be really struggling to clear stage 6-16. seems like you either have to kill FN before she leaves the top lane, or delay her long enough that have already cleared all the other enemies first. i seems like my operators are still to squishy to handle this yet.

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i was introduced to a new technology in advance of learning it for work and my first thought was: โ€œoh great, a google productโ€œ, but it seems that while google owns the code, it isnโ€™t viewed as an official product, so maybe they wonโ€™t randomly decide to deprecate and replace it?

gotta do laundry today, so it doesnโ€™t become a larger burden/struggle for me to do. although, a nap would be really nice right now.

iโ€™m standing in my kitchen by the window and itโ€™s too bright. like, i feel the urge to put sunglasses on - despite the fact that: iโ€™m inside the house, and my sunglasses are currently broken. which reminds me i need to get new ones before i can even consider to venture outside.

a few of my friends from high school went on to become teachers and i donโ€™t have the same passion that they do for it. so i think i made a mistake in assuming that i should set my career path based on what i am good at rather than what i would like to do for the rest of my life.

i think my ideal job would be to teach a bunch of eccentric/non-traditional comp sci electives at a university somewhere. though, i donโ€™t know if iโ€™d have the credentials to just start doing that.

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i have no idea what made me think of this but i had finished university a few months prior, myself, and while disembarking the plane in boston; someone chased me down to offer me a teaching position. at the time i foolishly turned them down, but now wish i had heard them out.

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i once spent the majority of of a 6 hour flight, from
LA to Boston, teaching a fellow passenger (who was an attendee of a conference i had just spoken at) the ins and outs of objective-c runtime and language behavior. it was one of the most enjoyable flights iโ€™ve ever had.

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