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i follow a number of bots that only post pictures, poetry, or something else that can punctuate my feed so i never scroll too far before having a palate cleanser. there is plenty of doom, but it isn’t necessary to have it be doom all the time.

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so since starting to check twitter again, i find a lot of people talking about β€œdoomscrolling”. while i recognize the toxic nature of the helc site, i’m starting to think that a lot of you
are designing your feeds to not include positive sources at all.

sometimes team composition in iron banner makes me furious, how the fuck do you let the opposing team triple cap the points, back to back to back to back to back. why are you even in this game activity if you don’t understand how the β€œcontrol” gametype works.

something i want to do this year is see about picking up archery again. i haven’t done it in probably close to 13 years now but i was a decent shot. there seems to be a club/org located about a mile away from where i live so that’s encouraging me to go try it out.

huh. i got up and found out partway across the room that my left leg decided that it wasn’t going to respond to signals to bend or move at all. luckily i was using my cane and thus had two secure points of balance or i’d have probably collapsed on the floor.

granted physical reaction time is everything and i play warlock, not hunter, so i don’t have the speed advantage - i doubt it would matter much. my loadout is: astral horizon (shotgun)/talons of the eagle (scout), depending on map, with death adder (smg) and twin tailed fox.

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sorry ya’ll, it’s iron banner week again, so i’m probably going to overshare my match results from ps4. it’s a bit of a pride thing as once upon a time i could play unreal tournament competitively but now barely manage a 1.0 k/d in destiny. my reflexes have gone to utter shit.

lmao, unfortunately for me, this is seen as an academic position, which capitalism doesn't value. hard to justify to a business their need to employ you for the basis of solving theoretical problems rather than actual, current problems.

*sad trombone noises*

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