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anyone else experiencing a bug with crunchyroll on ios where at the end of an episode you get a modal message like this?

idk why but it is always the name of episode 1 of the currently playing series, and it breaks autoplay
and skipping to the next episode too.

still cannot work out what is causing my persistent chills. see, my money is on my failing autonomic system; though it could just be poor temperature regulation, malnutrition, or any number of other coexisting problems. i hate it all.

hi, i'm looking for full-time employment! i specialize in build&release engineering, devops, and developer tooling. looking to start asap, you can reach me via email at:

i’m still reeling after seeing a video of some southern lady just empty her entire spice rack into a cup of hot water and call it β€œtea”.

i am glad ellen worries about me, as it is questionable whether i can/do anymore.

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at this point i’ve determined that i can go, at most, 3 days before my body actually recognizes that sleep is for normal function, which isn’t terribly abnormal; if you don’t include the fact i don’t experience fatigue or normal tiredness as well.

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tbh, not having the compulsion to sleep is this amazing windfall and hugely problematic situation at the same time. i am able to spend hours and hours reading without a care or feeling the slightest bit tired. while also making me pay for it in what is probably days off my life.

oh no, oh no,, author why did you write this poor character so. ack. being reborn at age 10 to be gaslit for the remaining 7 years of her life into a situation she has to figure her own way out of. but, i am intrigued by when she is gonna lose her shit and start murdering people

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oh no, i’m hate reading something now and it’s really not good for me.

having comedic material about one’s body suddenly not functioning as a human body β€œshould” was very helpful - considering a β€œnormal” reaction would/should be to completely lose one’s shit.

anyway, β€œyuri vampires” is a genre i love and hope to see more of in the future.

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it probably should be personally concerning to find a manga about a girl becoming a vampire so relatable, but with my bizarro medical conditions nothing is surprising anymore.

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i’m extremely disappointed to learn that this series that held so much personal comedic value and potential has already come to a close :(

i am gonna try to get copies of the japanese volumes if it never makes it to being published in english.

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i also got my copy of β€œfragtime” the other day! i finished the scanlation not too long ago so it isn’t on my current β€œto read” stack, but it is really good!

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started to watch β€œkoizumi-san loves ramen noodles”, and this seems like a perfeat medium between β€œbeautiful food” anime and β€œadmiring beautiful girls” anime; so it is absolutely something to watch

things i don’t want to overhear: our shitty neighbor talking about how he wants the β€œquarantine” to end soon. as if the current state of massachusetts was even close to quarantine conditions.

these people need to hurry up and kill themselves if they are so eager.

omg, seifuku no vampiress lord just keeps getting better and better with each chapter, like let’s just double down on it’s shit with each page and it has me howling

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