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tfw a 64GB phone felt like overkill when you started maxing out your previous 32GB model.

now i got all of my β€œwhining about shit i can’t change” done; i can get back to accepting today’s arbitrary punishment of: my body is very susceptable to temperature variation, but wearing warm things that put slightly too much weight on me, makes me rapidly lose stamina/strength

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it’s kinda just a continuation of life dealing out arbitrary punishment to me. i just have to accept all of it and suffer under the burden of trying to exist as a severely ill, disabled person. i’m really so incredibly over this already, but it will continue for as long as i live

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the most non-amusing thing me now is all this talk of fiscal preparedness, and having months of savings on hand to protect against things going bad. i did have that, it all got used up in my ongoing major health crisis that’s been going on for 2-3 years now.

in total i think it is like 15-20 tiny programs that are part of my shell prompt or get involved multiple times a day as part my email+calendar and overall organization. they all do incredibly simple things that require little to no maintenance ever.

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who knew that writing software to categorize and tag email could be so fun??

while it is kinda a huge pita, i do love all the little programs i inevitably write for rounding off the edges to the software i use on a daily basis. it's like i have my own style of magic spells.

norm just had a terrible sneezing fit but i have no idea where he actually is to check on him.

how is it that i always feel physically beat up when i have a poor night’s sleep.

getting texts from the landlord regarding rent payments with the tone of β€œthis is causing me great inconvenience” like he is the only one. πŸ™„

cuz you can bet your ass that as soon as the crisis is over, all the work done as to convenience the still healthy and abled people is going to be disregarded and forgotten regardless how useful it was in ways that weren’t intended. you know, the ways it benefits marginalized ppl

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so meanwhile i’m going to spend all of my time being 1000% furious and angry at the arbitrary β€œconvenience” measures the healthy, abled people are going to make so they can be allowed to live in hermetically sealed bubbles for the duration of the crisis.

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while everyone is in a panic about global pandemics and shit; i am sitting here completely unphased by any of this at all because there isn’t anything more terrifying than what i’ve already gone through with my existing chronic illness. so i’m ready for us all to move on already.

lmao, incase anyone still cares:

i'm still (!!!) looking for full-time employment. i really really absolutely need health insurance asap. my life really does depend on this!!

my cv:

email contact:

please hire me!!

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it’s quite something to be told that your only value to the org is as a conveniently located β€œabled” body.

but, yes, this is totally a matter of protecting the health of the workers. the workers you were so concerned about to selectively avoid hiring vunerable folks originally.

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to the companies going all remote in response to covid:

i see you making exceptions about this, while refusing to consider hiring anyone that cannot conveniently relocate due to existing illness or disability. please stop lying through your teeth about what you care about here.

it's always fun when people recognize my website based on the favicon. thank you for this little joke.

can someone tell me why visual studio code won't recognize that i have `git` installed, i have it on both linux and windows and have no clue why it cannot be found.

watching the new dawn with definite distaste of one that no longer can sleep but still wants an opportunity to let their eyes rest.

today i was plagued by more sickness, and my brain’s insistance of: やだ!やだ!やだ!やだ!やだ!
to any attempt at anything.

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