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thinking a lot lately about how it can be impossible to pick out words that carry the same intensity as the original feelings had. i mean, i know i’m a hopeless romantic, but it bothers me that there isn’t suitable language for this by now.

got a box set of an anime today and wanted to watch it so i popped it into my ps4 only to discover it’s a 4k disc and won’t play :(

waiting until amazon can deliver a usb player for me tomorrow instead. ;_;

i just got super excited about maths and the time, while in university, when in a high level maths class our professor explained to us how all the basic maths taught to us in grades k-12 worked via calculus and integrals and it was the most joyous and liberating epiphany.

i am so cold this morning and i’m really hating it.

er, windows 10, version 1809, OS build 17758.1. like I haven't had a system update or ANYTHING since at least October and this seems really odd and this is my first windows computer so idk what to do or how I could have possibly screwed this up so bad.

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my surface pro is currently on windows 10 build 17758.1 and I cannot seem to find any way to update it. I get no updates coming through the windows update feature. I was on insider builds but turned that off and ever since I get no updates at all and idk why. someone help please?

with regards to my last
retweet, about making your own website however you want:

my website uses a grand total of 0.0 bytes of javascript. everything is plain text and a sprinkle of css.

i do use javascript for my CI and linting in the form of Danger (

this is an unpopular opinion for sure but: i won’t consider any piece of software that is only offered via a subscription-based purchasing scheme. it is bad and i hate that apple has forced devs into only making money that way. i don’t want to have to worry about it i can use it

i’m looking for work! i know i’ve been of the radar for a bit but i’d love to get snapped up by a nice dev team that needs someone to help them document things and build + maintain infrastructure.


i’m so tired of fighting all the time for every single fucking inch of my existance. shit like this morning where ive got my insurance giving me the middle finger cuz they don’t want to do their job, means everything i need comes to a halt makes me rather die.

i’m really enjoying the β€œscanty and kneesocks theme” from the panty and stocking ost this morning. that organ use is killer.

why am i:
1. up this early
2. going to this appointment
3. not in bed
4. so cold
5. why!?!?!

okay, doing better now - though still wish that i could be asleep right now instead.

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goddamn, i really miss skiing. i dunno if i’ll ever do it again based on my current condition. :(

i’ve determined that i can get up when i want so long as i go to sleep knowing the desired wake-up time.

i feel like it’s implicitly bad to spend your life coasting along, yet that is something i desperately want for the sake of stability. so i don’t have to live in terror of not having meds, medical care, or a roof over my head.

i’ve had quite a good time with β€œsailor fuku, tokidori apron”; sad upon reaching the end of volume 4 to find no more antics.


so this documentary is an hour of original footage shot during camp liberation of many camps not normally talked about. it’s free on prime video in the us, you can also search β€œholocaust” to see a larger list of documentaries.

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