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that aspect of the work has made me radically rethink my approach to D&I efforts. i’m unsure as to how to approach taking about how to prevent discrimination in the workplace, if we ignore that we are inviting those very problems to join us at the table in the first place.

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this made me really uncomfortable speaking to anyone not on my immediate team, as i couldn’t tell who thought i should have human rights and who thought i was some diseased pervert. tbh, at the end of the day, that was all that mattered to me.

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an important take-away i had from my last job wrt D&I efforts internally: regardless of how well you apply yourselves to making your office a welcoming space, you cannot ignore the fact a significant number of your US employees (at least 1/3) voted for trump.

after attempting to pacify the landlord at 3am, he is continuing to be very grumpy at me. i honestly wonder if there could ever be a universe where other people inherently understand that their immediate problem isn’t my immediate problem and don’t treat me like garbage bc of it.

gentle reminder that when talking about politics, be it domestic or international, that the appropriate hashtag be included in the tweet so that others have the choice to see and engage with it or not.

i know this seems trivial, but it is a great act of kindness.

thank you!

i am seeking new employment!

however this is tough, bc i’m trans, chronically ill, and remote.

i want to solve build engineering problems, mentor developers (Jr & Sr), and write documentation!

i need a cooperative and safe workplace to flourish in.

oh, cool, so i check twitter for the first time this week and we are apparently going to war now?? that’s sure β€˜a thing’.

i don’t know why our landlord picked this evening as the time to angrily get in touch with us but i’m really not having that right now.

twitter: … something something, vore, something something …

my brain: ooohhhh nnnnNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

so i just blew through Β₯3,000,000 in pokemon sword and now own all the purchase-able fashion and clothing items.

*crosses that off the completion checklist*

as time goes on, my feed gets to have more and more japanese on it and i’m really okay with this.

so i just joined a max raid where one of the participants has a Mew and i don’t understand how??

i really love how when doing setup of ApplePay, when it encounters a problem it just says there was a problem and provides absolutely no context or even an approximation of the issue so it just *doesnt work* at all!!

so my siri voice is english (united kingdom) and i’m wondering: if i ask my phone to speak some selected text, written in another language, if it will use the correct phonetics for the written language, or if it will use the phonetics of the language of the siri voice.

having just finished episode 8 of the mandolorian, all i gotta say is β€œfuuuuck!!” as that all makes sense and i hope this show starts going where i think it is going

so i’m reading through this collection of cross-dressing themed one-shots and while most are super clichΓ© and cringe-y, this one where they used their high-school debut to begin dressing as a girl has the best ending and i’m so happy for them.

so the disney acquisitions timeline tweets is good and all but i feel it misses the important entry of:

2017 - Disney acquires BAMTechMedia

As that directly lead to:

2019 - Disney releases Disney+

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