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i’m starting a new medication today, propranolol, to help stabilize my extreme case of Postural Tachycardia. i’m kinda anxious about it as we have no clue as to what will happen but hopefully it will make my daily life a lot easier and less taxing on my body.

i really wish there was more variety in the writing software on ios. it seems the vast majority is monthly/yearly subscription based and only deal with markdown. i find that to be quite disappointing.

october was really great and i just got to recount to my primary care doctor how amazing it was and she was amazed as well. it’s the first time i’m bringing in good news like this for years so we both have reason to be pleased.

damnit; i polished my cane the other day and didn’t properly wipe it down afterwards and i’m just now noticing that my hand is all black :(

one thing i hate about this hell site, i open the app and i have some 400 toots to read now. i’m only following 130-some people. what the fuck y’all.

i have to say that one of the worst body experiences you can have is being unable to tell if:
you are cold, and need to raise your internal temperature
all the nerves in your body decide to malfunction in unison such that it makes you think you are cold but aren’t actually

not to mention the fact that you, google, chose to fork webkit on your own β€” rather than continue to contribute publicly upstream. so really, isn’t the whole β€œproblem” of which browser has more feature support or not an artificial problem *you* created in the first place??

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i’ve really tried to stay away from the β€œtech hot takes” now i’ve picked up twitter again; but i also feel like when you have a company that directly profits off user data, you aren’t in a position to complain that people aren’t using your keylogger, i mean, browser everywhere

etc etc etc

doesn’t even come close to all the things ahead of me, and i’m not going to get them done today or tomorrow or the next. i’m so tired and life is hard. this whole β€œworking hard without rest” thing is absolute bollocks and i refuse to believe this makes people β€œhappy”

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responded to doctor emails, responsed to surgeon email, fixed something weird in my mail rules, skimmed over a few hundred emails from the last few months, no active notifications on social sites, got a package downstairs to fetch, meds to take, my feet are cold, upgrading brew,

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