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cw: us pol (~) 

well, iโ€™ve gotten confirmation today that between april of last year and today, iโ€™ve lost ~40lb (18.14kg) ; with my current weight being ~140lb (63.5kg). with my height being 5โ€™11โ€ (180cm), i didnโ€™t really have any weight to lose in the first place.

Toot! v1.8.2 is now also out.

This one continues polishing the iPad interface, fixing a few issues:

* Using Toot! in split screen mode should work now.
* The sidebar is a little bit narrower on smaller iPads.
* Boosting from a different account shows the right icon now.
* As a bonus, double tap to zoom finally works!

i honestly wish that for once someone would just accept that and say โ€œthatโ€™s okayโ€, and how a hint of compassion for the fact that none of this is my fault. i know thatโ€™s far and away too much to even hope for but itโ€™s what i would like to hear, unprompted, just for my own validation. just once, i donโ€™t think thatโ€™s too much for me to ask at this point โ€” but it sure feels that way.

despite appearances to the contrary; i am quite concerned about my own livelihood. my frustrations stem from: expectations placed upon me to facilitate my own care, my lack of options, and being blamed for not participating in my own care.

i have been, and continue to be, so severely traumatized by my illness and the forced self-advocacy required to receive even the mere prospect of having access to medical-care. i cannot interact with it anymore, itโ€™s not something i have in me.

Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! (Assassin's Creedยฎ Odyssey) live at

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cw: suicide (-) 

cw: (-) 

cw: (-) 

i can take this( package and modify it slightly to fetch notes contents from my imap server and this( stdlib module to interface with the ftp interface of fastmailโ€™s webdav functionality (where my org-files are stored).

everything being easy to code and access is so wonderful!!

realizing that the language you are most familiar with makes it incredibly trivial to use imap notes as a convenient capture point and allows me to insert it into my org-files data.

i love walking into dark rooms as it is immediately followed by stepping on a cat.

sorry not sorry, but, the "new" 3D measuring feature in the "Measure" app on iOS is the most dreadful thing I've ever experienced and doesn't even make sense to me how it can measure accurately.

cw: mastodon ui grief 

(what I am looking for is a way to capture input into sqacemacs but windows doesn't recognize the text-field as an input target, thus I have to capture everything into another app fist)

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