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so i also finished constructing this monster of an ios shortcut to help find and copy-to-clipboard RSS feed urls found on a given webpage:

it relies on two supplemental shortcuts as well:

i really need to work on (re-)establishing local friendships; i keep finding myself incredibly lonely out here as the only people i see regularly are my housemate, my sister, and my doctors.

iโ€™m really enjoying how queer i can be in this game with my super chill sexy bi friend alkibiades.

Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! (Assassin's Creedยฎ Odyssey) live at

iโ€™m starting to read sei shลnagonโ€™s โ€œthe pillow bookโ€ and itโ€™s honestly delightful โ€” i understand that i am missing a lot of the content due to it being hard to impossible to translate this kind of classical work from japanese into english while retaining all the nuance and subtlety that the original text has; but iโ€™m enjoying it nonetheless.

came up with a new deck-building idea based on bouncing your own creatures on the battlefield during your turn, and now my eternal frustration of there not being enough suitable commander choices for this (not even ability-oriented but just color-identities) :((((

the pleasant memory of the verse contained within โ€œwanting in arabicโ€, being not only pleasing to the mind, but also to the eye.

okay here is the round-up post of the flashy stuff i got out of the WAR boosters!!

special shout out to the folks in the row behind me talking avidly on a red eye flight instead of sleeping. reminded me of that one time on a flight back from LA, i spent the whole time teaching this kid next to me (who was at the conf i was speaking at) how to code some stuff and as we deplaned someone tried to head-hunt me for a job after hearing everything i said during the flight >.< (oops!!)

took 2x 50mg trazadone pills just now and iโ€™m gonna sleep this trip home!! i love pharmacology :)

giving your time was especially meaningful to me because iโ€™m stuck in a place where (try as i might) i constantly feel i am wasting my time or otherwise not making tangible progress on anything. being reminded that people do care about me is something that doesnโ€™t happen as often as it should so, โ€” itโ€™s appreciated and thank you.

iโ€™m headed back home (east coast) for a necessary appointment on monday, but i really wish i could be staying here longer. iโ€™m glad i was able to see: @Catfish_Man, @boredzo, @taiki, samuel giddins, and michele titolo; while i was here and i thank you all for your time and putting up with me and morbid personality as i try to make my way through this nightmare. while i have my doubts, i hope i have the chance to see yโ€™all again. the time you made for me made me feel worth-while. thank you.

i am incredibly pissed about this because of how offensive it was and unfair it is for folks that are less-inclined to kick up a fuss about it and demand their rights.

also: my mtg commander deck got flagged as suspicious because it was โ€œvery denseโ€ which means itโ€™s hard for the scan-operator to determine what it is, thus visual inspection is necessary.

(last toot was peeved voice, this toot is a cheerful one as i appreciated the agent clarifying and giving me advice about avoiding getting it flagged in future)

that was a total shitshow of a security experience just now. if i wasnโ€™t as stubborn as i am, i would have been cowed into navigating TSA without my cane and they are trying to ignore the fact they donโ€™t have a wooden substitute cane available to allow me to walk through security and they seem to think this is some super rare case that there is someone: traveling alone, without a wheelchair, requires their mobility aid to stand, all the while i keep telling them how good their ADA compliance is

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