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geez, almost forgot, I need to eat lunch and have my anti-anxiety med earlier in the morning in the hope to drastically correct my mood and end-of-day behavior

woke up this morning and i’m doing okay. my arms were numb and now one of my legs is too; but i think i can get up and start the day.

cw: trauma (~) 

cw: trauma (~) 

enjoy this Russian meme that I think basically translates to β€œsight of cat, grace of potat”, every time I look at it it gets a bit funnier

i don’t have to worry about anything until thursday. my back hurts and i’m cold and i have a raid tonight and a facetime date with ellen and i’m really really tired. i feel like i’m just barely getting by, and things are good and bad all at once. and, like always, i have too many things i’m worried about and not enough energy or focus to address them.

reinstalling some tools and was reminded of the fact that the `remarshal` python egg is one of the greatest unsung things ever:

one of those trans things where you realize how attractive you look and how unreal that is, and how good it feels.

lewd d/s implication, advertisements, 

current tech conundrum: i use w3m as my pager, but it drops the color highlights that are provided by git diff and diff-so-fancy; so i need to find out if i can attach some mime type to that data display to make w3m preserve the text highlights

mild spoilers: after hours vol 3 

i’m in to see my primary care about once a month; so the nursing staff and i have become friends as a result of the frequency of my appearances and humor of going through the same motions each time with so little changing (in terms of check-in and basic vitals)

tfw your old pal β€œsuicidal influence” drops by to give you a nasty shock and a reality check.

I wanted to, I wanted to write this weekend. I wanted to write about some fun and interesting stuff and the part of my brain I need to do this is just not there. I don't know how to feel about this, especially since I need it there for work...

you were β€œgifted & talented” in elementary school, choose your path:

βšͺ️ overestimating how smart you used to be
βšͺ️ being insufferable on line
βšͺ️ fetishising your own sadness
βšͺ️ somehow finding a way to perfectly preserve your superiority complex
πŸ”˜ all of the above

also; i have successfully cloned my original switch micro SD card (64GB) to a larger one (256GB) by using β€˜dd’ and then resizing the partition. worked perfectly, no need to archive then redownload all my games first.

it is v difficult for my brain to keep track of time. comprehending active passage of time is hard and also doesn't make sense to me at all -- the way this seems to come naturally to neuro-typical people just baffles me.

time for the yearly check of what county I live in for my tax returns πŸ™ƒ

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