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Can’t stop thinking about this image and how Samus was revealed to be a woman in 3 separate endings of Metroid NES and how there was even a Venus symbol in this same comic that hinted at it, which means they 100% knowingly made her a lesbian

suddenly hit a brick wall in organizing my mtg cards, 19 binders into the process. of the 19, 15 are for individual sets thus far; the others are for non-basic lands, legendaries+planeswalkers, foils, and one of my favourite art picks. the roadblock was that i ran into a bunch of cards that aren’t properly sorted at all, and a number of sets that have too few cards to dedicate to a binder just yet.

well first day back went okay?? i still have a load of bullshit to sort out with HR but otherwise it’s okay.

I wrote up how to change your gender marker in CA now that the law that allows you to self-certify is in effect :D

i did a thing the other day. it was fun and i wanna do a bunch more. this, specifically, was a reminder that i survived the last 10 months, and that i need to keep fighting to stay alive. purposely placed in a location i must see if i were to self-harm, to help me not give in to that.

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