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some of the tendons in my right hand are starting to get really messed up and it feels like there is nothing i can actually do about that??

there's also this one which Time Magazine entitled "Maria Gavrish Kissing Ella Kovalenko Who Defeated Her in Breast Stroke". obviously nothing homosexual going on here, just two swimmer gals being swimmer pals

okay, well, fixing my website cert was a lot less stressful than i was anticipating it was. hurrah for computers not being complete garbage sometimes

tonight’s extreme upsides: no hard cry session, going to bed on time, food felt good today (no nausea), and cute girlfriend to chat to while we drift off to sleep.

welp, i think i have taken care of all the things that i normally contribute to financially and suspended them for the next few months while i get back on my feet. i’m sorry if this affects you personally, but i need to eat and buy my meds.

so i got a fuzzy bath robe and this is an absolute joy. i’m pretty sure that going forward i’m going to be focusing more on my own personal comfort at home given my new limitations

spending another evening crying to myself because i am so completely broken from this whole medical ordeal and i’m struggling with how to be a person again.

i don’t know how it is almost friday already. where did my week go?

tfw the nurse seriously questions if you know the names of the meds you are on πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

song lyrics i didn’t pick up on until just now β€œit’s the survival of the sickest, i’m not afraid - bring the pain” β€” which is how it kinda feels a lot of the time

ugh, i am tired this morning. i really really really want to go back to sleep but if i do then i’ll miss my appointment with the pain doctor.

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