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cannot believe i forgot i needed to setup apple pay on my new phone, so now i gotta carry both just so i can pay for shit.

i had a really interesting conversation today that, admittedly, made myself out to be my own worst enemy - however i really struggle with the notion that as individuals, we aren't suppose to challenge reality in order to shape it to our desires.

gods, the fatigue is hitting me so hard tonight.

bah, well i'm going to have to get a new
psych soon and i'm not looking forward to it. i already have a headache just dealing with planning mundane tasks at the moment let alone long term crap.

ugh, i don't know how but i managed to get some dreamless sleep in the last few hours while contorted into a most uncomfortable position. despite how tired i still am i don't know if i trust myself to try napping later today.

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fuck. why is it the mornings after i cannot sleep all night are the ones where the most nightmarish dreams that i have to tear myself aware out of. worst experience possible.

you know i honestly thought i was doing okay today but i'm pretty sure that just straight up death would feel more pleasant than i do currently so i really don't know anymore

hold up, am i actually suppose to be able to charge the magsafe battery pack via a magsafe charger? or does it only do it via lightning cable?

i will never understand why tweetbot has a gesture to change the color theme that cannot be disabled.

second day back at work and i'm already so tired that it's impacting me physically.

ugh, lovely. ups package marked as delivered but it's nowhere to be seen.

i'm still marveling over the fact this new iphone came with a lightning to usb-c cable but nothing to plug said cable into. so, what, i'm just suppose to have a charger block of correct wattage to plug this into? or do all computers ship with usb-c nowadays?

starting to think that my lack of sleep is directly tied to how poorly my brain works on any given day, in some weird sort of reverse causal corollary.

cannot tell if i'm all sorts of fucked up tonight as a result of being back at work or for other unrelated reasons. this
week is starting off stellar.

ended my work day by attempting to update my laptop to big sur, i am surprised at the design direction change that thit OS took. honestly i find this is ugly, like, hideous in so many small ways and the enabling of the visual accessiblity settings isn't helping.

i am really loving this new OS; why does apple have to be the only company that produces a decent out-of-the-box phone. stop try to sell me your garbage services, please!!

now i've got a 256GB phone, i can load all my music on it and not have to pick and choose or worry about running out of space. still gotta resolve an app's icloud data restore as it keeps picking to restore from the ipad rather than the iphone. don't know how normies deal with it

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well, looks like i was able to move over to a new iphone without losing anything, but that was way too difficult. had one app that has disappeared from the store (probably due to apple's porn censorship) and had to jump through flaming hoops to restore it.

is it still possible for me to back up an app from my iphone and install it onto another ios device i have if said app is no longer on the store? i use to be able to do this but i don't see how on the current version of itunes.

getting annoyed at the fact that the ios data transfer between phones is a blocking operation that prevents me from doing literally anything else with my old phone at the same time.

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