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i also bought new joycons as my other ones have terrible drift to them. hoping the same thing doesn't happen again at this point.

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i picked up hades for the switch and i'm really enjoying it so far. i also have skyward sword waiting for me too. now i think i own all the major zelda titles on a console i can play.

i promised i'd meet (virtually) with a new coworker early this morning and i'm honestly starting hate that i did because my mornings are not reliable at all.

i am exhausted today, and i'm not looking forward to tomorrow either.

spent the evening yestesday with my sister, it was fun despite me being really tired. then i didn't get to sleep until very late because i really wanted to finish the short story i got yesterday. now i'm kinda zombie mode as i try to get up and start the day.

though some of this seems unnatural, given my age and career so far, like i'm having understanding that i'm not sure i should be having at this point. not that i'm complaining, but it's weird and interesting so it is making me think a lot about it in new ways.

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i'm starting to have some really interesting insights into my own career and professional development. i'm immensely enjoying being able to do the work i'm currently being tasked with, as it isn't technical work - but still massively benefits those that are doing technical work.

that think where you stand up too quick and get dizzy but it's more like a wobble and you cannot see for 5 seconds.

this "anti sex beds" thing that the olympics has going on seems like a crime against decency tbh.

i kinda love how the "re: hamatora" episode 7 is just nonstop slapstick

despite the fact i work from home and only my shoulders and up are visible on video calls, i've been dressing as though i'm going into an office every day, because i'm enjoying it for the first time ever.

it never ceases to amaze me how we, as an industry, always land on using the absolutely worst option of the lot. every. single. time.

low key starting to hate that the crunchyroll app now exposes user comments at the episode level. seeing all this hate directed at the portrayal of mion (particularly the voice) in "battle in 5 seconds" is so silly.

in the last few days slack has started to pop up this banner to ask me if i want
to bookmark a message, and it's been super distracting to have this slight visual flutter that seems to randomly happen as a result.

i've been in meetings since 1:30 today, so basically my entire workday, and i've still got another hour of meeting left to go today.

i'm really digging the title sequence for dragon maid s, and there is a bunch of interesting plot points that will happen in this season. also i can probably safely watch "so i'm a spider" now i'm caught up on the novels which is going to be fun as well!

took my morning meds late today and i am so feeling this, ugh. i like to pretend i'm immune to most things, but the fatigue i feel from blocking out most of my pain is beyond debilitating.

oh my gosh!! and dragon maid is back for another season?! :D

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