i think that one of my most defining experiences is also
one i wasn’t able to fully appreciate; specifically, being resilient to the expectations placed on the eldest child. who i am doesn’t allow for me to take
on the influences of others at all, so i was merely a disappointment

went to bed early last night and yet i still don’t feel as refreshed as i was hoping this morning. i’m glad i can sleep again, it just isn’t very restful…

i wasn’t expecting much but the castlevania anime on netflix wasn’t that bad.

i slept in this morning and still feel really tired. maybe some breakfast will help.

hmmm, i’m looking for a term to describe β€œvery realistic dreams, where you are not yet aware that you are dreaming”. something beyond just β€œvivid dreams”, is there a medical/technical term for this? i have the feeling there is but i cannot put my finger on the particular word…

i have a love of reading original shakespeare, so finding verses that are translated so poorly to modern english is something i will always find comical (not out of spite to the translator, of course - but at the way in which words work) (especially across non-english languages)

doing a rewatch of β€œthe garden of sinners”, it is one of a few series that i find has such intriguing character dynamics. not to mention the animation sequences are wonderful. however, the subject matter is a bit cerebral and assumes some existing knowledge of its universe.

disappointed that one of the series i enjoy, β€œayakashikoβ€œ by hijiki, seems to have ended.

shouldn’t there be a .gov site that you can punch in your zip code and see the results for the ballot you cast? after voting in the state elections today i don’t want to dig through 15 different news sites to see my results.

follow up question: is this a functionality change or a visual design change? the way it is designed is making me think it is much more major than it might be and that it why i’m concerned.

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i am really really out of shape, not that i could be expected to be in shape, but i’m feeling it and it’s kinda embarrassing.

lmao, i shouldn’t have tweeted. i should just never tweet anything at anyone because i am way too tired
to deal with an accusation of β€œwell you think wrongly”.

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