it is deeply unpleasant to watch as the scope of this issue is made to fit only a fraction of those truly impacted by it. however, trying to get people to reframe their language, used in a desparate attempt to prevent choices being made with their individual consent, is difficult

i've been thinking all morning about the complexity of safely attending protests, and how much risk an individual will have to unknowingly take on to attend in a small way. those of us that do understand these things should reach out to friends/family that don't and prepare them.

i think it is a missed opportunity that we don't have plague doctor style n95 masks.

finally! i was able to clear WD-EX-8 on regular and challenge mode. here is the squad; if i had chen S3 at M3 instead of M2, then i probably wouldn't need nearl alter to finish off the last bit of boss health.

i feel like recent events are going to get a lot of people to attend their first protest and i'm not convinced that most are ready for what that means.

i just changed my phone wallpaper to something with a lot of vivid color from something that was very grunge-y and i'm having a Time adjusting.

"so you remember that thing we told you about almost 3 years ago? well
we may or may not have started doing that"

wow, well thanks for telling me twitter.

last day, i think i missed 1 day getting at least 12 risk clear on the daily and that was not for lack of trying - although i was able to trim this event medal set which is a first for me in a CC event.

i am so exhausted and i basically did nothing today. i'd like to be able to schedule this in advance, so i can actually get work done and maybe one or two chores without feeling like death warmed over.

honestly until it crossed my timeline again this morning, i thought i misremembered or had some sort of fever dream where name change court records were dug up to dunk on a relative who is a bit of a shit. but, no, i guess we are actually doing that.

i suppose i should be going to bed now in order to recover from how poorly i was feeling today - but i also want to spend more time reading as i cannot multitask that like i can other things.

it's been a long while since i read 'vampeerz' and now i'm getting to read the official english translation, and i just love it. the spots of humor are wonderful beyond words for me.

spent an entire video call aggitated because my joints felt weird and then i realize i'm late on my pain meds and suddenly it all makes sense.

having worked on autonomous navigation for robots gave me an extremely cynical view of most, if not all, attempts of "solving" it. i cannot help but shudder every time i hear about some completely unfounded method to solve it being used in machines that can kill by accident.

oh gods, those last 3-5 panels of episode 73 of baili jin… yikes, my dude.

ugh, today's stage and particular set of modifiers might trip me from my goal of clearing risk 12 on the dailies. the set of modifiers is awful and i may need to rethink how to handle it. i hate this map when the wind isn't blowing right to left.

ugh, suddenly being struck with feeling too hot and lightheadedness when i got up to get my quilt out of the dryer, so maybe i won't do the back
steps with something bulky right now.

i've been annoyed, thinking my ipad's backlight was dying or something was wrong with the screen because the contrast/brightness was so poor - turns out i may have left on zoom mode to further dim the white-balance one night and forgot it 🤦🏻‍♀️

doing much more physical work than i originally had planned and now i'm paying for it with being unable to properly regulate my body temperature.

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