even though my health is poor, i hate that iโ€™m still having cravings to โ€œbe productiveโ€ and โ€œdo choresโ€ despite knowing that this will render me useless for many more days to come if i donโ€™t take it easy for just today.

tfw you see a brand use what you thought was a terfism, but apparently isnโ€™t, but still is very confusing and ambiguous.

iโ€™m glad that i seem to be in consenus with at least 2 other people on my timeline as to why it probably wasnโ€™t the best word choice.

i love this future.

granted that โ€œblockchainโ€ as a technology is unlikely to be able to not be as environmentally damaging anytime soon, it feels like not educating about the reality of why it is inherently a scam isnโ€™t going to deter future use for the right reasons by the non tech saavy crowd.

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i dunno what to think about the โ€œcrypto-art is badโ€ arguments centering on the environmental aspects to the point of excluding the whole โ€œpyramid-scheme as a core premiseโ€ bit, but if that is what motivates you then sure, absolutely do care about that.

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fuck. tried doing something nice and now my entire mental capacity for the day has been K.O.โ€˜d. it has also left me mentally and physically exhausted. i wanted to do two things today, write and catch up on email, and now iโ€™m not feeling capable of either. iโ€™m really pissed off.

tomorrow (today) iโ€™m gonna do some personal writing that is long overdue. got hit right in the feelings and am having to think about stuff iโ€™ve been avoiding because it hurts. sigh.

i doubt i have any artist overlap in my followers but if you are an artist and you do see this tweet, please know that everything dealing with โ€œthe blockchainโ€ and โ€œcrypto-currencyโ€ is an absolute scam. itโ€™s not something you should invest in or stake the value of your art on.

part of this problem is on me, but i also cannot help but feel frustrated that i have never felt safe to justify struggling with expressing anything with the fact this is more difficult for me to do (bc iโ€™m autistic) - and not have to worry about it being seen negatively.

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iโ€™ll often find myself making connections that require a deeper level of detail than i can consciously express, yet still nonetheless know and comprehend. but, that all is meaningless if i cannot adequately explain or justify it when i need to in order to prove that iโ€™m competent

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sometimes it feels like the greatest irony ever is the fact that i know as much as i do but have a disorder that prevents me from being able to communicate anything in the way iโ€™d like to - or rather, in the way it all perfectly fits together in my head.

what the heck. i just gave myself a bruise from sitting with my legs crossed.

itโ€™s not that i cannot sleep before 3am, itโ€™s that i feel better when i fall asleep when itโ€™s forced rather than not. it feels better in the moment despite my body very much disagreeing with me the next morning.

i love the energy in this album, not just collectively, but also that of each song individually. the emotion that gets brought forth in the change in pacing and style as you progress through it is fun.

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after picking it up a few days ago, iโ€™m finally getting around to listening to โ€œamorphousโ€ by @iconforhire. iโ€™m only a few tracks in so far, really enjoying the composition. i hope that it isnโ€™t too far off where it would be possible to see them performed live.

the manga reader app i use keeps asking me if i experience crashes at startup, and i keep telling it i donโ€™t but i cannot help but get this feeling that it knows something that i donโ€™t.

oh, good, my petraโ€™s run of last wish is scheduled for next weekend, not this one. iโ€™ve been almost dozing off a few times this evening and itโ€™s surprised me how tired i am feeling.

i find few things as uniquely exhausting as hearing takes on gender by cis people. it so often ends up being so incredibly uninspired and reductive, but then again so are most of their views on most things.

thank you to everyone that has filled me in on that meme, i can now see why that is iconic for the topic of survivorship bias but wow does it completely fail at communicating that in any way without a label.

okay, what the fuck is the top-down diagram of the plane with the red dots? i evidently missed that originally so now i have no idea what thatโ€™s suppose to mean as a meme or whatever and it is so confusing.

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