gonna try to build a new commander deck featuring the new Serra planeswalker card. β€œangels” as an overall theme is kinda tough to build though; isn’t a mechanically cohesive tribal build β€” and it’s expensive. i’ve got a week and change to build it before i travel and have people to play with!!

collected all of seasonal journey rewards for my barbarian in season 17 of diablo 3 on the switch. got to remake one of my favorite barb builds, combo of jumping all over the place with and triggering a combo of earthquake+avalanche skills on each leap, which is bumped up to 3x uses per cast!!

@ticky *nods enthusiastically*

it was a phenomenal browser, first one to fully support css 3 (iirc)

it would be fantastic if my elbows weren’t janky as fuck and in so much pain T_T

there is a lot of things about being as ill as i am, that i haven’t fully considered yet. i’m over two years into this now, and still only barely coming to terms with it.

a thought struck me today β€” that i may not be able to have dreams and aspirations to reach for, anymore. i find myself both tremendously sad about this, while also being confused and lost as how to connect this with my own understanding of my identity.

uhm, i.

i ... like girls.

not β€œlike” as in friends, β€œlike” as in ... yeah ... that kind of β€œlike”.

it, just, ... it ... feels really good.


i’m sore and uncomfortable today; i’m so sick of feeling unmotivated to do anything.

cw: (-) 

@ticky i think he nearly died by choking on a pretzel or something once while in office β€” if that helps Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

it looks like my mtg modern horizon booster boxes are arriving today!! i am so excited about this!!

i pre-ordered two boxes with the hopes of securing a copy of the new serra planeswalker card!! maybe that was a bit excessive but the whole set is fantastic and interesting and i’m so pumped to get a whole new set full of older mechanics again. since i love and chase the uniqueness of mtg card mechanics this is a like a dream!!

watched netflix’s β€œlove, death, and robots”. that was a really interesting series of shorts; but i found β€œgood hunting” to be a bit too perverse (cruel/wrong) for my tastes. although,,, i would be down for more of the three robots in the first skit.

today i’m continuing to lay in bed and watch jessica jones season 3. i haven’t been able to eat anything today and i still feel awful.

i’m starting to wonder how many of the things, like being unable to eat, are just my body trying to express its wish to die. i cannot make it 3 hours without being on my meds β€” as i become a fall risk from exhaustion alone. without the pain meds, it feels like i’ve got railroad spikes driven into all my joints. now i’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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