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today had been a bit too much for me. i’m really happy here but it makes me realize what precious things i will lose if i cannot make it through this. i don’t know how to feel about this

Probably canon: Teferi is ADHD representation. Do shitty in school & have unhealthy coping mechanisms, grow up to save the world and use time travel as a coping mechanism.

i had a good sleep. waking up next to the person you care about the most is such a wonderful and special feeling.

i’m exhausted; and still feel like time is moving too fast and the day is already over by the time i look up from doing something.

i’m half-zombie brain. didn’t get enough sleep on the plane. gonna go to bed early today.

@taiki i just saw your mail (but haven’t read it yet); i haven’t caught up on email yet; i’ve got emails of everyone who responded to me for meetups flagged for review tomorrow.

i am really excited to fly tomorrow; because now i have sleep meds!! i am extremely looking forward to sleeping coast to coast 😴

trying to make a wrapper of the windows notification (toast) api which will just take xml input and push a notification; and this seems way more difficult than necessary. i can write my own platform agnostic xml handling thing to do all the major work β€” but getting that api visible is a major challenge as i seem to need some additional packages installed??

@ticky i’ve been using tootstream in my terminal, it’s been alright but no notification system.

i really want to like development on windows; but every time i try it, i find myself hopelessly confused on how everything works. things that don’t help: opacity of development file locations, terminology, reimplementation of the universe from everything else.

And now i’m trying to do that and also do all my laundry so i have clothes to wear to the airport on saturday and also the billion other things i need to be doing to stay alive at this point. i am exceptionally displeased with how unrelenting life is.

so i upgraded my wsl ubuntu distro from 16.04.01 to 18.04.2 and now there is a bunch of small things that got broke and i know that it is gonna take weeks to actually find and fix all of them.

in this car on my way home and there are so many angry drivers β€” ugh, i never want to drive ever again.

@KateLibC i have some distance vision problems and things can look blotchy; but apart from farmland i haven’t seen mosaics before...

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