got a call today from my employer telling me they are letting me go. so now i have no income and no health insurance β€” while trying to seek medical treatment so i am able to work again; and i’m quite afraid that i’ve just run out of time and options. feels like the only course of action i have left now that i can truly decide on my own is the time and circumstances of my death.

if capitalism worked, phones would still have that little loop to hang your charms on

This had me laughing.
Breath of the Wild is the best video game of all time and it's not even close.

it’s astounding that the apple watch i’m using has taken 5-10 years off the process of getting a POTS diagnosis (in addition to the existing ~7 years i’ve already known of my tachycardia). i’m lost for words here.

#pixelart just finished a commission hsdhfsdhf it's been some time since i pixelled this hard

@ticky its so people know the product has synergy with cargo pants.

i need to get up and out of the house today but i feel super awful and my feet are full of stabbing pain and i would like to go back asleep.

the latest chapter of one of the manga i read digitally ended with a group of guys discussing if the lesbian couple are a good match, and boy am i really pissed off now.

thanks to @asmallteapot lending me her old apple watch; i now have enough data about my heart-rate bpm trends to say i probably have POTS and have a dr referral to pursue a diagnosis for it as well. this is definitely not the root of the all my problems; but is a step in the right direction to validate that i do have MS.

@danielle don’t bump them into things either, that’s a bad time

the straight-people word for β€œlesbians” honestly makes my skin crawl these days :/

spent vast majority of the day grinding out my season 17 heros to be able to play on Torment 16, and now i just have my wizard and crusader left to make it there. also think i have single digits of legendary items that haven’t been cubed yet. so close to hitting paragon 900 from this season alone.

horny on main, somewhat genuine question 

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