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@oolongstains so idk if you noticed but in ios 13 there is this new toggle { > Phone > Silence Unknown Callers} which seems to effectively work as a content blocker for spam calls β€” i removed the tele-content-blocker i had installed after enabling this for a few days! (i have a vague memory of talking about telephone-content-blockers on ios with someone and i thought it was you; if not then my mistake)

damn, looks like "icon for hire" are touring again and are in boston on the 30th at the middle east. i really want to get my hands on a ticket, but that probably isn't what i should be doing a week after a surgery...

@danielle yeah wesco boots can definitely handle that, they have proper sizing and offer custom fitting too if necessary. they are expensive, but you get what you pay for. i will easily use these boots for 25 years or more. i don’t mind the cost if it means they are the only boots i ever need.

@danielle i got a pair from them +5 years back but they are so well made it’s like they are brand new. they were from the β€œboss” line iirc, you may have seen them when you stayed with me a few years back too. the soles are wooden i believe, with great leather-working all around. never gotten wet with them either.

ugh the thing i hate most about getting up early is that i keep waking up throughout the night because i don’t want to instinctively oversleep. thus i woke up at 2:37, 4:16, and 5:28; just to not oversleep my 5:30 alarm.

almost done with my phone-call marathon today. uuuughh. potentially last phone call if it is successful then i have an errand to run; otherwise another phone call to make to reschedule an existing appointment from tomorrow morning to give me more time to get a testing report.

as i’m slowly picking up learning japanese, i keep screwing up my い and う in words. not because of sound but of shape, it’s weird, normally i don’t have problems like this, but only those two do i ever mix up.

this also means i have to make 4-5 phone calls tomorrow (and possible an errand) and i am super not thrilled about this.

was supposed to have a minor surgical procedure done today but due to an administrative error was canceled and i wasn’t notified. for the moment it has been rescheduled for the 24th (next week) so here’s hoping things hold together this time around.

so i’m trying to pick up some japanese while i brush up on my spanish, and now i’m enjoying small things like being able to parse and understand the untranslated expressive words in manga.

@ticky ugh i dislike this aspect of the watch so much sometimes.

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