okay, despite the poor signage, they really nailed
the portrayal of the davis square t stop.

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the typical road signage you see when you arrive in boston, america; after coming from overseas.

i forgot that β€œgirls und panzer” starts by peers bullying a high schooler with ptsd into doing something she doesn’t want. that and the odd asortment of mandatory high school electives you can take while a sizeable portion of humanity lives on boats the size of large cities.

the way the app handles ui elements pertaining to season/series selection; like this β€œgo to previous season” button at the bottom of the japanese episode list, as it would send me to the english language episode list - which won’t sync my playback history or position with.

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additionally while it only lists seasons 1 & 3, i am actually on season 4, cuz the show has run for 2 seasons. i guess this must be some crufty backend labeling tech debit, cuz i don’t know why they would switch to numerical season labels over the way the app use to handle series

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like with β€œascendance of a bookworm” it has β€œseason 1” listed as the english dubbed content and β€œseason 3” as the original japanese.

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one of the places i'm interviewing at is having me do a coding test to presumably test for competency and i've never used this service before so tried out the *demo* and it gave me 30 minutes to solve this problem.

i don't even know where to begin with the problems this has.

still think about this tattoo all the time. i’m out of the woods with regards to daily ideation thoughts, but i still find it an important reminder.

trying to grasp how this list of trends is a barometer for anything at all, especially as the top select tweets for a bunch of them seem to all be β€œ we don’t know why this is trending”.

anyone else experiencing a bug with crunchyroll on ios where at the end of an episode you get a modal message like this?

idk why but it is always the name of episode 1 of the currently playing series, and it breaks autoplay
and skipping to the next episode too.

i also got my copy of β€œfragtime” the other day! i finished the scanlation not too long ago so it isn’t on my current β€œto read” stack, but it is really good!

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