so i decided to drop using the QWERTY english keyboard on my iphone as using more than 3 keyboards is a really terrible experience. instead i am using the roman character input on the japanese keyboard i was already using.

so i’m reading through this collection of cross-dressing themed one-shots and while most are super clichΓ© and cringe-y, this one where they used their high-school debut to begin dressing as a girl has the best ending and i’m so happy for them.

the gift-box foil cover for ELD is so pretty!! i wish there was a rowan planeswalker card with this art

it’s really hard to deal with desks/counters/kiosks where i’m expected to use two hands for getting out my wallet/signing name/payment transaction while using a cane, which keeps one hand occupied. so my housemate @bendybytch made me this amazing leather strap for my cane!!

tbh i really miss the gen 1 haunter look, as it was really spooky and cool compared to the cartoony version we have now

can someone explain to me the difference here that makes one 'great stats' versus 'amazing stats'??

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