maybe after living here for two years i’ll actually get around to hanging up all of my wall-things

source 1:

source 2:

source 3: ?? it is almost 25 years old; so i’m not sure if available anymore.

source 4: colonialism and theft

while i feel quite knowledgeable in Nim as a language, already; i picked up this book as good reference material, and also to lend to people that would be interested in learning!! a quick skim-through has me super pleased with the quality and thought that went into it. also, it will no doubt help me brush up on how to better explain the academic parts of the language too! (as academic and theory isn’t my forté when it comes to programming)

aaaaah, my parents dropped off a bottle of this today!!

omg!! thank you @ticky for letting me know that i can get a factory sealed copy of oni.

the pleasant memory of the verse contained within “wanting in arabic”, being not only pleasing to the mind, but also to the eye.

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