books books books books books!!!

i love ordering stuff +6 months in advance of them coming out so i get surprise books and it makes me so happy!!

tfw the scanlation groups are giving out better advice than you state governor

tfw a 64GB phone felt like overkill when you started maxing out your previous 32GB model.

can someone tell me why visual studio code won't recognize that i have `git` installed, i have it on both linux and windows and have no clue why it cannot be found.

i know it makes me the problem but i don’t wanna vote for this shit come november. i have no desire to engage with a broken system that will not be fixed without the overthrow of the dnc leadership.

this is a joke right? how do i make these pushes stop? i don’t have any notifications enabled except for β€œlikes”.

wow talk about art imitating life (source: girl that can see it)

Q: i should be able to pass this exam, right? save-n-reload has me failing each (3) time so far.

yay!! last night i swapped out my industrial jewelry and it looks so good!!

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