woo-hoo! got the GA-EX-8 CM clear i needed and finished the medal set.

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how am i just now noticing that the placement of the heterochromia in rosa’s eyes is inverted from her model to her character art?

woohoo! finished the event, the IW-EX-8 CM is easy effectively the same as the trimmed medal for the same stage, so that was easier than expected.

i just started an IS run and somehow got an operator that hasn’t been released yet on global?

woo-hoo! i did end up needing silverash (ugh) for the EX-8 CM stage. i was able to use kjera’s skill activation to bypass the stun from degenbrecher at the quarter health intervals both times, which i didn’t expect at first.

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finally! i was able to clear WD-EX-8 on regular and challenge mode. here is the squad; if i had chen S3 at M3 instead of M2, then i probably wouldn't need nearl alter to finish off the last bit of boss health.

"so you remember that thing we told you about almost 3 years ago? well
we may or may not have started doing that"

wow, well thanks for telling me twitter.

last day, i think i missed 1 day getting at least 12 risk clear on the daily and that was not for lack of trying - although i was able to trim this event medal set which is a first for me in a CC event.

dang, that came down to the wire. thought i was going to fail it as two grudgebearers were left each with a sliver of health, but mudrock S2 pulled through in the end after they had cleared the rest of the board with everyone on redeploy delay.

tribal scheme is brutal if you let the 3 ritualists remain active on the field. i did manage to clear it thought.

damn, this one had bad modifiers. i'd like to do risk 15, but i think i need to be closer to level
90 on E2 to manage that.

risk 19 clear, the timing is a bit precise and the run requires you let the first (8th to spawn) bitey escape in order to kill enemies 9-21 in the pre-boss wave. i used BP but she can overkill the smarteys and that means they won't blow up the counterparts from the other side.

finally got VI-7 done on challenge mode, last boss was a bit annoying - couldn't get him to straddle the tiles i wanted during dps, but specter pulled through for me at the end to take down the last bit of health once i let him run all the way to the exit.

completed the dossoles holiday medal set. getting the trim for DH-MO-1 was mildly annoying but i'm averaging E2 L40 per
operator so that
doesn't surprise me.

i am really loving this new OS; why does apple have to be the only company that produces a decent out-of-the-box phone. stop try to sell me your garbage services, please!!

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