(i’m a fan of the β€œarrival” reference, too) the lesson that gets captured on page 40, and illustrated on the remaining pages of the chapter is something i found a very familiar topic - struggling with the meaning of words.

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just finished reading chapter 26 in β€œdifferent country diary”, i am continually impressed with how good the use of language is. pages 36 through 40 stood out to me (see next tweet for the remaining two pages)

oh my gods these few pages are priceless. (source: different country diary, volume 5, chapter 24)

still waiting for volume 1 to arrive, but i’m glad i was able to get originals!

is there any way to hide this stupid floating button in the
official twitter app? i really hate how in-the-way it is.

okay, despite the poor signage, they really nailed
the portrayal of the davis square t stop.

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the typical road signage you see when you arrive in boston, america; after coming from overseas.

i forgot that β€œgirls und panzer” starts by peers bullying a high schooler with ptsd into doing something she doesn’t want. that and the odd asortment of mandatory high school electives you can take while a sizeable portion of humanity lives on boats the size of large cities.

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