@oolongstains so idk if you noticed but in ios 13 there is this new toggle {Settings.app > Phone > Silence Unknown Callers} which seems to effectively work as a content blocker for spam calls β€” i removed the tele-content-blocker i had installed after enabling this for a few days! (i have a vague memory of talking about telephone-content-blockers on ios with someone and i thought it was you; if not then my mistake)

i love Cthuga’s shirt here!

(source: β€œNyarko-san: Another Crawling Chaos W” anime, episode 4: talent at love, timestamp: 0:42 seconds)

got an industrial today, only a simple barbell because they couldn’t install the piece i had. photo is a bit blurry, thanks peripheral neuropathy. this is the first one that hurt!! (both of the hoops i have in my nose i couldn’t feel when i had them done)

how do you know love this precious kitten face, especially when she has soooo many toes!!

i love this sweet and perfect baby; she is too precious and cute and so so so soft!! she has been curled up on my or right at my side all day so far. she is my best friend!!

ellen lent me her old apple watch for me to use while i’m here, as a heart-rate monitor for my tachycardia. it has jellyfish on it!! and i’m borrowing a cute pride-band too!!

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