i really need to get back to addressing the update to my website stack and begin publishing to my blog again. i really want to change over to using org-mode for all my writing, like i’m doing with work.

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atm i’m hung up on not having a method for rendering my original source documents as an html pages. i thought of doing it server side, then client side - and both have challenges. client side is much easier to implement, but it means i’d sacrifice load times and 100% static pages

over the years i’ve put a lot of effort into not breaking existing page design and behavior from my original python script for hand tooled static site generation, but with a recent development i think i should break that on people for the sake of moving the site forward.

so if people need to load pages on low bandwidth connections or w/e then they can use the api for requesting the plaintext pages instead of html versions. i got to preserve the existing sitemap to not break links but that shouldn’t be too hard to do.

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