i wish someone had told me how morally compromised i’d eventually feel about working in tech.

my lyft rider has been super apologetic since the moment i got into the car. i just tried to ask to see the plotted destination and route because they made a strange turn and…


… i am running a little late. they seemed to take it as a personal attack and i’m not sure how to articulate that my problem is with the lack of transparency from lyft as a platform, not with them. however that doesn’t matter because they are comodified to take the brunt of…

…the fault as they are the only “face“. how do you as an engineer build or contribute to a platform that purposefully turns humans into machines and not feel terrible about it? you have to never see them as people in the first place.

i’m not so naive to think i can find a job that is enriching and makes me feel good about myself and whatever, but i shouldn’t have to feel so absolutely compromised about the vast majority of this industry. it is really depressing.

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