not particularly looking forward to going into a hospital tomorrow and dealing with the screening system. i don’t feel like i’m getting enough sleep lately, but i’m not explicitly tired, just don’t feel rested.

in retrospect, i shouldn’t have scheduled an appointment that was two week after my previous one, but the staff are terrible at their jobs and i was very fed up with having to stand and wait at a desk for a painful amount of time.


so i’m going to have to try to journal some more about what my pain feels like between waking up tomorrow and a quarter to 2. all this because i’m hung up on the implied meaning of “stabbing” being coupled with a foreign object penetrating the body in an unnatural fashion.

which, honestly sounds incredibly silly but i’ve never been stabbed (plural) before, as in, i’ve been stabbed (singular) but not in a repeated manner (plural) so i don’t know if i am using “stabbing pain” correctly, as stabbing has an implied plurality.

i really hate english.

why does this matter? well, let me tell you, there is a world of difference between a single moderate source of acute pain and several severe sources of acute pain - aside from that i still haven’t found the right language to describe how i feel other than “fucking dreadful” so

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