i regularly come across articles about pain patients that are taken off pain management meds and are forced to “live” with the reality of the pain to “move forward” with their life. there is so much about this approach that is wrong, but personally it assumes too much about pain.

it really makes the concept of pain out to be this cartoon representation of discomfort. where, if you can coherently articulate what you are feeling, it doesn’t warrant serious concern. having experienced this lack of concern by many doctors, i cannot stress how dangerous it is.

this is where it becomes difficult: when my pain takes on properties that make me unable to express it, that means it stops behaving according to this narrative. even after all this time i struggle with how to word this, as it becomes something that isn’t bound by willpower…


they would like to have use believe it would be merely an act of unfeeling, which is true for less severe pains. once it takes over your being, it would be like trying to will yourself out of existance. it stops being a reasonable or even feasible course of action.

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