my surface has somehow bricked itself at the worst possible time and i have none of the repair options are working and of course i cannot login to a microsoft account in safe mode without an ethernet connection (which i don’t have an adapter for) so everything is totally fucked.

so i now have to “reset the install” which means deleting an unknown and unclear number of things from the system and hoping the problem doesn’t persist. this is by far the worst and most upsetting failure handling i’ve had to experience.

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i still don’t understand how i randomly get stuck having constant blue screening a short time after startup all of a sudden. i don’t understand why i cannot roll back an update either. nothing wants to work and ms’s shitty and vague copy isn’t helping me feel better about it.

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it’s like they wanted everything to be less scary-technical but overshot and ended up with making it sound like they don’t know what they are doing themselves. “we are gonna delete some system things, not user things. but also we are gonna delete user settings and apps”.

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