something i find very comical is how my interviews start with “oh! i’ve used your blog for X before, it was really helpful!” and end with “sorry we aren’t going to move forward right now” in such a profiteering way that i don’t even have a snarky comment tm add here.

also how people think that they can take 30-60 minutes and expect you to write code that “works” for whatever arbitary data transformation or mathematical problem one of their engineers can devise, and use that code as a basis for evaluating you as a person.

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maybe i’m taking this rather personally, but it feels more like a discrimination factor than a suitable measure of a person. the way you think through a problem and represent it in code is completely irrelevant, so long as you can also communicate it in a common lang to the team.

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not to mention, why limit yourself to the code sample done live? i’ve got a github full of code i’ve personally written. you want to see a real example of my code, look there. this practice in addition to no feedback, is super confusing and screams discrimination practices.

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tbh, i’ve written: xcodebuild, mobiledevice, crash reporting, code injection, disassembly, code signing, languages (compilers+linkers), and i’m honestly not sure what else; all by myself, from scratch, no shortcuts. i’m at a loss as what else i need to do to prove i’m “qualified”

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