i really enjoy the syllabic nature of the japanese language. honestly, it feels way more natural of a way to compose words than any other language i’ve spent time with. i aspire to write poetry in it! though i’m quite embarrassed about writing it that i never act on it anymore…

it also isn’t restricted in written direction. i think egyptian has been the most flexible language i’ve worked with in that regard — where you change the orientation of the glyphs to “face” the direction they should be read in and lines to show either horizontal or vertical.

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i’ve been handling hiragana characters fairly well so far, the multitude of kanji is daunting. i know parsing them comes with time and practice, but having not gotten there yet just makes it slightly more intimidating. i’ve been surprising myself a lot with how much i can retain

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i had a hard time with german and spanish in secondary school. it was like i had to build them ontop of english and it never felt smooth. same with french during uni. egyptian was much easier, there are few sounds and you augment as necessary with “e” in clusters of consonants.

so with japanese; i think the fact i could approach and correctly pronounce all of the sounds has removed a significant personal barrier to interacting with the language. additionally, i think part of how my brain works has changed recently, due to my illness.

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i don’t understand it quite yet, maybe it’s because instead of an alphabet it has syllabary? perhaps the fact that words are pronounced literally as written makes it feel more familiar? i wouldn’t have expected myself to be able to pick up and retain a new language this easily.

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im rambling, so i’ll say: i’m using duolingo to take my time learning japanese. additionally i picked up the app “midori” as a handy lookup and reference — it has really opened my eyes to how beautiful the japanese language can be.


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