the other day i came across a tweet on my timeline about people complaining about what they described as prejudice against strollers on public transit, especially buses. the complaint was someone not being able to access the accessibility seating.

this made me really angry, because the only way i can parse this is a complete disregard for a person’s disabilities based on age. both myself and my housemate look quite young. we often get shit from strangers about how disabled we are because of our apparent age.

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i carry my cane everywhere because i physically need it, and also because it’s the only way i can signal some of my needs to others. if i get on a bus or train, the thing i need right away is a place to sit down in. it isn’t a request, it’s a requirement.

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the last thing i want to do, is have to try to maintain my balance while you try to justify to me that your stroller is more important than my physical safety and health. your stroller isn’t an accessibility device, your health and safety doesn’t depend on it like i do on my cane

it makes me feel so sick, when i hear these people try to justify to me that i am of lesser importance and should risky my health and well-being to try to get a seat further into the vehicle while it is moving than move their fucking asses and their oversized strollers.

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