i think ever since i watched “R.O.D.” on crunchyroll, i’ve had a much greater appreciation for my love of books. i’ve let it lapse somewhat for a time during+after uni; but it comes back to bite me every time i’m browsing amazon and i come across a mildly interesting cover and summary blurb. i’ll buy every book i find — if it has potential to make me smile, even if it is just for a few seconds. i love the feel, smell, texture of the paper, the heft of it; also the sense of adventure.

i have a number of boxes of books still stored at my parent’s house. i know the one tall bookshelf i have isn’t enough and that all my shelves on it are double and triple shelved with books. it makes finding a particular volume hard but it’s the only way i can store them atm. i hope someday i can live somewhere that has the space for a private library. i would do anything to just sit and read, all day. that would be good, and make me happy.

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