I was able to work on something and actually feel like I made substantial progress for once. Some new books arrived <"The Diary of Lady Murasaki" and "The Tale of Genji">!! I was considering going to check out the pride parade today but I got wrapped up in making progress on programming for the first time this year so I stayed in and pursued that instead. However, now my joints are in a tremendous amount of pain so i'm gonna lie down and watch some crunchyroll until that subsides.

This is day 1 on Vyvance (40mg) after requesting a change with my psych. I am switching from focalin xr (3x 10mg + 1x 10mg) because it wasn't clear if it was doing anything for me anymore and to see if I could influence the memory and cognition problems I've been having for the last 6-7 months. This is one of the only things that I can actually do to try to get myself "better" so returning to work is even possible for me.

@Catfish_Man I (of course) cannot remember which drug you had mentioned changing to when we met-up while I was in SF, but is this the same? (Vyvance)

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