omg!! thank you @ticky for letting me know that i can get a factory sealed copy of oni.


@ticky it’s not a secret that this is my fav game ever and i was so unbelievably lucky to be granted access to the source code at one point

@ticky so getting to purchase a physical copy of the ps2 version was fantastic because while the ps2 version was worse in all respects but one: it had higher res intro and outro videos than the PC/mac version did!

@ticky if you have played the updated intel mac release for OS X (not the omni ppc port); i contributed that, namely the multi-display selector and and some behind-the-scenes code to enable what we called β€œparkour mode” which allowed you to throw foes (and be thrown) over boxes/railings/traditional-half-height-structures and improved AI pathfinding to handle transversing following players over uneven ground. the big project was to add the multiplayer that was dropped from original launch.

@demi I haven’t actually played it at all! Is the PS2 port uh, irredeemable? It seems to be the easiest to get hands on

@ticky it is pretty atrocious but i’ve not played it personally; if interested i can build you a full distributable of the latest version for 32bit intel OSX

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