hi friends; i’m coming out to the bay area for a few weeks starting on April 20th. i would like to see y’all, if possible, because my health is very poor and my future looks really grim (short) so i’d like to make the most of it and enjoy as much as i can.

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if you are available during that timeframe, and would like to meet-up and talk; drop me a line via email ( or mastodon ( as i don’t check twitter anymore.

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@Catfish_Man yes please! i was hoping to see you and heather this time around

@Catfish_Man atm i’m going for brunch with @taiki; if you&heather and/or @boredzo want to join us you are more than welcome. otherwise i’m probably spending sunday in with ellen. if we have more joiners then ellen might join us for brunch too.

@boredzo @Catfish_Man @taiki i’m still here for another week, so maybe dinner this week or brunch on the weekend?

@Catfish_Man @boredzo @taiki okay so i’m leaving on saturday evening; so we have only the next few days to do this. pick a day and a place and i’ll show up.

@Catfish_Man @boredzo @taiki i’m not a fan of american bbq but generally open to whatever β€” tonight is probably best and i don’t want to stay out super late as i’ve got to go back to walnut creek for sleep. david, if you could pull gwynne in for dinner; that would mean the world to me.

@Catfish_Man @boredzo @taiki it may require physical intervention; but i would really really like to see her no matter the cost >.>

@Catfish_Man @boredzo @taiki okay i don’t have everyone’s imessage but it’s getting close to time and i’m still not sure what we are doing tonight and would like to see y’all before i leave on saturday night

@taiki that is unfortunate; i’m glad we had the chance to (finally) meet, though! i’m behind on the list of things i said i was gonna link to you; which i’ll try to do now so you can have stuff to peruse on your flight back home.

@Catfish_Man @boredzo i had a look over the menu and it’s not what i expected initially so i’m still down for this at peter’s originally proposed time/place.

@Catfish_Man @boredzo peter, i just want to confirm that you are talking about 619 Market St location??

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