the "operation desert pasta" episode of "saga of tanya the evil" definitely epitomizes my chaotic evil energy.

hmmm, book i was looking forward to this weekend has failed to arrive, despite being 'delivered' so i guess that isn't happening til next week. ugh.

huh. i wasn't expecting that plot twist in "the two of them are pretty much like that", i'm confident it got fumbled in translation too but wow.

still idly thinking about an interaction i had the other day in which gendered language was used initially and then removed. i really don't want to understand the reasons around that but i cannot help but wonder "would it have cost you anything to avoided that in the first place"

now, should i be buying books by that quantity? no, not until i get another bookshelf, but you also need to understand this what i do instead of writing code these days. i've got 1-2 games i'm all in on, and i read. i'd like to pick up a physical activity this year too.

i wish amazon had a way to "add this series to wish list". it's so annoying having to find each volume of a 10-20 volume series and add them individually and you still don't have the ability to sort or order them once in the wish list so it necessitates adding manually in order

today i liken something to autoconf and i'm pretty sure i upset at least one person by saying so but sometimes you gotta speak truth and not give a fuck.

after yesterday's stress resolution, i slept like a rock and still haven't fully recovered from it. definitely need to take the morning to get myself together.

finished the "so i'm a spider, anime and it was lovely. particular characters were pissing me off quite a bit due to being so far ahead in the books, but, it was still great fun.

relieved a major source of stress today, but i've been in a lot more pain than usual, so it's been a rough day regardless.

feeling incredibly bleh today - i'm not impressed with the world.

that's kinda awful. apparently to use amazon smile functionality in the ios app, you need to permit amazon to serve you with
notifications about things it thinks you would be interested in.

unfortunately, i have very specific interests and don't care enough to not stop donations

going into the "so i'm a spider" anime with way too much knowledge of how the the story turns out has me kinda wanting to reread from the start to see the actual foreshadowing at play.

this weekend i've not been able to relax at all, and i'm headed into this week really stressed out. i'll probably have to take a day or two off and i've got too much trauma around performing well enough that it is very difficult to allow myself that.

learning that White from "so i'm a spider" is into rope bondage has made me love this character even more than i already did.

this week has been so much that i'm sitting here a bit shell shocked and struggling to work now that i have a day that isn't a constant stream of people and things demanding my immediate attention.

i'm feeling kinda dreadful today, and i'm not sure exactly why either. still
got more meetings this afternoon too.

what the fuck, my does bluejeans not allow me to output audio from my computer speakers? i'm lucky that my headset has speakers on it, but geez way to be so completely inaccessible.

i have a task sitting in my queue at work and i've got no idea when i'll have time to do it, but when i do, it is going to be so much more difficult to investigate than necessary because of how secret management is being done. i'm kinda more than a little angry about it tbh.

i also bought new joycons as my other ones have terrible drift to them. hoping the same thing doesn't happen again at this point.

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