i think i have at least a yearโ€™s worth of paper mail stacked on the corner of my desk, entirely unopened. why? the vast majority of it is junk, but the portion that isnโ€™t will always contact me by other means if it is urgent enough. if they donโ€™t then it wasnโ€™t a priority.

omg, so iโ€™ve been having chills since i got the vaccine earlier and they are slightly different from the โ€œchillsโ€ i describe my nerve pain as and itโ€™s like amazing and i am happy about this. iโ€™m happy because it is slightly different so now i have new words to use!

you know, if i wasnโ€™t so lazy, iโ€™d absolutely be making scam ios apps by the bundle.

got the pfizer vaccine, but this mass vaccination site (hynes convention center) is not even remotely accessible. fuck you charlie baker.

you always have the believers though, the ones that earnestly believe that as long as we can clear this hill, it will be all downhill from here, and thatโ€™s only (possibly) true outside a capitalist driven system. there is no turning this bus around or stopping on the way.

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hence we get naive people building their own version of everything and repeating the same flawed decisions and mistakes over and over again. this perpetuates the โ€œproblems which are really consequencesโ€ issue on such a monumental scale that you end up doing more harm than good.

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more dev tool authors should write about the abstract problem spaces they work in and why others shouldnโ€™t try to roll their own tools. however, this isnโ€™t a feasible request b/c it requires the audience to have expert understanding of the problem space, which takes years to get.

i am starting to think that i now have a reflex of vomiting up a couple of paragraphs worth of text each time i open my mouth about something.

i love seeing articles like this as they perfectly highlight the crossover of apple pundits/evangelists that are also prudes.


(not just that, but also the people that believe (appleโ€™s) moral panic is a thing that should be โ€œsolvedโ€ rather than abolished)

i want to take this back, i know how to introduce what iโ€™ve done in a professional context, i donโ€™t know how to do is: introduce who i am (without revealing all the ways you can punch down on me, and that isnโ€™t something iโ€™m interested in doing)

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tfw you have done so many things you no longer know how to introduce yourself in any sort of professional context beyond "hi, i do everything"

my employer seems to be using an advanced configuration of slack (a single org with many workspaces) and the slack desktop app is pure rubbish at handling this scenario as the selected workspace of a single org changes what joined channels are in my sidebar and it's v v annoying.

not only that, but my elbows and shoulders have been particularly bad shape the last few days from too much leaning and excessive force put on them. starting to wonder if i need to take things easier than i have been, if i havenโ€™t been overtaxing myself with my new job.

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doing laundry today has absolutely ruined my knees, needing to do so many flights of stairs is really not good for me. this is when/where i get told to exercise more, as if thatโ€™d actually do anything for me.

consequences of choices that they view as immutable - so problems of their own design and make, thus they seem unique. that doesnโ€™t really matter, rather, being able to recognize when you are embarking on a thing that exists to solidify your opinion on a topic you know little on.

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iโ€™ve been veryโ€ฆlucky? to have been in the position to work in environments that actually have unique scale problems and what thatโ€™s taught me is that everyone thinks their problems are unique and they arenโ€™t. vast majority of the time they arenโ€™t even problems, just consequences

i think that the biggest fallacy in software development is thinking that if you can define and understand a technical problem, you know how to address it holistically.


this has been enlightening for me, but it is giving me some difficulty when trying to connect the nebula of information, as i see it, back to the specific topic. why am i saying all this? well, iโ€™ve written it in my journal and this thought still wonโ€™t leave me alone.

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i think the closest word for me is โ€œscholarโ€, as iโ€™m interested in pursuing and sharing knowledge. this has radically changed my perspective - as you arenโ€™t required to understand a problem to solve or give it order - on many things i thought i fully understood before.

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