i hate when i update only specific brew packages and it ends up updating python as well, then i have to reinstall all my pip packages because language version namespacing and being unable to have nice things.

i'm so freaking tired and i'd like a day where it's not jam packed with weird build shit and maybe then i can give my eyes a rest.

after watching the prologue and first episode of the witch from mercury, i am looking forward to the plot point where suletta works out who her future father-in-law is and the events he is implicitly responsible for in her life.

getting called out by my boss for my involvement in only the most esoteric (and worst) build problems.

has apple published the file format for the new xcode 14 project files? i'm a little bit surprised that they changed the format at this point, but i guess that it had to happen eventually.

starting to wonder if my body is unable to tolerate temperatures below 60 degrees, and that's why i am having such a hard time with nerve pain the last several days.

i'll pair that thought with the fact i hate having to purchase hardcopies of whatever media i have enjoyed and possibly want to consume again in the future in order to ensure that i can. what is the point of all these subscription streaming platforms it they just drop the content

i just love watching algorithms utterly fail at trying to match like content for me. like, yes, those are all similar show in genre or pacing or type, but none of them capture the single vital aspect that got me to watch that show in the first place, so no - try again.

had a strange epiphany that my autobiographical memory counteracts many of the downsides of adhd: it gives me object permanence and bridges my short to long term memory in ways that negates most of the common organizational issues.

our neighbor seems to be flying an italian flag as well as an american
flag now, and i can only assume he means to more blatently identify himself as a fascist.

apple music can just fuck right off. seems like 60% of the music app's ui these days is a redirect to make you purchase this service, and it has no way to tell it i will never ever use it.

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ugh, i've got a new album that i want to be listening to but it seems to have downloaded as two separate album listings in the ios music app, so i tried to delete and redownload but it won't let me download it again for some reason while it does register as "purchased"

i feel pretty crummy this morning and would like to stay wrapped up in something warm.

since when does i message tell you when te person you are texting has notifications silenced? that seems like something that shouldn't be told to the recipient.

really dislike how temperature intolerant i am getting as i age and illness progresses.

ah, well, it was nice having the last 6-8 months without severe stabbing pains all down my legs. guess this is the end of the up-swing of the illness. sigh.

the word in question here is “hyperthymesia”, of which i have to a considerable degree. this probably doesn't help me a whole lot in explaining it to others but i feel like i'm going to flounder less when trying to relate the effortlessness retention of information that i have.

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that thing when you discover that there is a word for something that you have always experienced but never known quite how to
describe to others or have struggled to “get” similar concepts due to them being so alien.

today i sat on a six and a half hour video
conference call, so how was your day?

got my copy of “cats and sugar bowls” today, and my favourite work in it was “unbreakable sugar bowl” - for obvious reasons. i’m really glad this got an english release, i’ve read a couple of these as scans before but wasn’t sure i’d ever get a physical copy.

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