Q: What do you get when you cross a techie trans girl with a Home Depot lesbian?

A: A girl who wants one of these shapertools.com/

ellen is cat-sitting this weekend, and not only am i looking forward to the cat photos but also am really happy that this is happening for her.

people who left tech to do something else: what are you doing now and how did you make that happen?

🍎 Jailbreak your iphone and hack the OS

πŸ€– Root and flash your android phones with custom OSes you can play with

πŸ–₯ Flash your computer's bios to show ascii art on POST

πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ Cover everything you own in stickers and patches

⚧ Hack your endocrine system. Steal genders or cobble your own together with spare parts

Own your stuff inside and out. Customize it to make a statement, reflect your identity, or just because you can. It belongs to you and no one else. Leave your mark on it. ✊

i’m definitely the kind of lesbian that falls so hard for their girlfriend β€” it’s kinda ridiculous.

after a frustrating set of engrams i’m finally at 640 and gonna push through some weekly milestones just to secure my footing before i try to complete the new raid tomorrow.

it’s one of those times where the facade of being β€œfine” falls away and i’m left sobbing because of what i’ve lost as a person and how much that hurts. i’m trying so so hard but too often it seems like not enough to support me to move forward.

:drake_dislike: Making fun of people who find technology mysterious and complicated

:drake_like: Realizing that so many layers of abstraction have been added to apps and software in a bid to make things simple that it no longer becomes clear to a user *why* something breaks *when* it breaks, and making fun of product engineers who've inflicted this nonsense on their users instead.

Toot! v1.2 is finally out! This took far longer than I had planned, but it is out!

You can get it here if you do not already have it: itunes.apple.com/us/app/toot/i

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