i’m always wildly amused when i see something come from a person or account that you wouldn’t expect it from. something about the chaos of the image it paints really pleases me.

me last week: work would like me to fly to the west coast for two days, but i’m really on the fence about the health risk.

me today: how have i not already left yet?

still waiting on booking approval though - can you tell i’m finally losing it from not leaving the house?

the mask i’m planning on using for travel arrived yesterday and it fits well, so i might as well try it out for the covid booster i have scheduled monday then the appointment i have on tuesday too. hopefully it’s tolerable for 8-9 hours of travel i’ll need it for.

did a more concentrated
coding today than i have in ages and now i’m slightly nauseous from looking at text and i don’t like this one bit.

what the shit. i look away from the clock for a
minute and it’s already two thirty am?!

gods, i’m tired today. i’m not sure it was due to anything strenuous, but rather a number of unrelated factors that combined to wear me down. i just don’t want to deal with anything else this week.

i’ll own the fact that’s hypocritical, but i don’t see a point in trying to pretend it’s something that staying home will fix at this point. y’all really fucked this up, best i can do is get vaxed and reasonable protective gear to keep me safe.

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i’ve got work related travel coming up and it’d be the first time flying since pre-covid and i’m struggling with making this decision. i’m also not so good of a person to continue to abstain from my own joy bc other people didn’t put the collective health first the last two years

last week was the first time in ages that i had to have a conversation about mach ports and process resource acquisition and startup on macos.

woohoo! finished the event, the IW-EX-8 CM is easy effectively the same as the trimmed medal for the same stage, so that was easier than expected.

for the life of me, i do not understand censorship when it doesn’t actually
censor anything. like, you are so hell-bent on this meaningless action for what reason exactly?

low key hate how i now have to check to ensure that new mundane household products i buy don’t come with wifi connectivity or some shit.

ugh, if i buy a new roomba today, you think i’ll be able to use it without it ever uploading any data to amazon? this acquisition really sucks, but i’m also not terribly surprised by it either :/

i just started an IS run and somehow got an operator that hasn’t been released yet on global?

it’s blowing my mind that “the lincoln lawyer” on netflix is the same inworld universe as “bosch” - and the protagonists of both are related.

i think part of my struggle here is that i view it all as a giant clockwork machine, with each piece fitting into place just so, and it’s hard to get others to see how this small chain of pieces fit together within the context of the greater machine without seeing it themselves.

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as my primary function is no longer software development, i feel like i should be the last call rather than first call when pointing out differences in, for example, linker behavior. some of these topics aren’t easy but it puzzles me when i’m the only authoritative voice present.

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there are days where i feel overly pedantic at work, but sometimes nuance really matters and it drastically uncomplicates what is being discussed. other times it scares me with how little overlap there seems to be between my knowledge and other senior peers.

i feel like my eternal state of being is “mildly irritated” as i try to contend with feeling abnormally lightheaded and trying to finish several major projects at work. i obviously need to rest but i also need to get work done. if things could be easy for just once, i’d like that

there are days where i wish english had more words to describe fatigue as “tired” is just woefully insufficient.

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