was looking over my collection of small command line tools, and decided to rewrite one of them to use nim's channels for communication between multiple threads instead of using shared state in a global var. it was a fun exercise, and i think i learned a lot from doing it!

i spent the afternoon applying to another multitude of build engineer and iOS developer positions. if anyone wants to hire me, you can do so at any time now.

honestly, this whole thing has me angry and i'm upset because i cannot come up with the right words to articulate all of the nuance of why this is bullshit and how oppressed i'm feeling about it.

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one of the places i'm interviewing at is having me do a coding test to presumably test for competency and i've never used this service before so tried out the *demo* and it gave me 30 minutes to solve this problem.

i don't even know where to begin with the problems this has.

if anyone i know has undertaken the task of organizing and documenting digital assets/inheritance for after-death use by family and loved ones, i'd be interested to hear what tools & processes you used - also in any unexpected hardships you encountered along the way.

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though the core problem w/ this approach is that everything has to be done by hand, so every crufty piece of technology to use. documenting how to lookup credentials in your password manager is fine, but also having to detail your dns records for all domains and who hosts them πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ

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i guess my first thought would be a usb drive on the same keyring as the security token that has an Org document to ensure it is age-safe, searchable, and readable anywhere. additionally having the document(s) be stored in a version-controlled environment to ensure its up-to-date

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i asked this a while back but i never found a process for organizing and documenting my digital assets (in the case premature death). I have a security tokens for access to my computer, but that is as far as i've gotten. i don't even have a list of where passwords are or anything

i was also able to get bonjour working in my WSL (v1) environment today, so now commands like `ping Something.local` and `ssh somewhere.local` work!

(though i do get some weird behavior where two ipv6 addrs resolve for one host and i cannot control the order of them yet)

given the frequency that plists are used as configuration files and backing data for authentication methods; you would think that the apple ecosystem would have more robust methods of parsing + handling these formats readily available.

spent the afternoon and i think i've deduced all the necessary information to connect a PC to the "back to my mac" vpn service. the opacity of debugging this has been super frustrating.

frustrated with lack of a release of the source code of mDNSresponder for OS X 10.11.x in additional to lack of current source code for mDNSresponder for windows.

come on apple, please do better with this :\

didn’t get to sleep last night. i don’t feel tired, but my brain seems to randomly shortcurl my thoughts into channels they should’nt

still think about this tattoo all the time. i’m out of the woods with regards to daily ideation thoughts, but i still find it an important reminder.

so whenever this reinstall finishes i’ll get to see how much of my data remains and what was lost forever due to shoddy engineering. thanks microsoft for dropping this bomb on me and ruining probably my whole week.

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since it’s tied to the online account, password verification won’t work offline since wifi drivers don’t get loaded in safe mode. so this is the most idiotic reasoning i have to take the most destructive path possible; and it’s making me livid.

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i have to reinstall the OS and everything onto it now because i don’t have a usb to ethernet adapter to login and fix it in safe mode cuz it’s a microsoft account (and only account on it)

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it’s like they wanted everything to be less scary-technical but overshot and ended up with making it sound like they don’t know what they are doing themselves. β€œwe are gonna delete some system things, not user things. but also we are gonna delete user settings and apps”.

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