it is 3pm and i’ve been awake for 10 hours already. now i just want to go to bed. πŸ™„

ugh, i’m still tired from this morning but it no longer sleepy/drowsy so forget trying to get some rest now. i do have disability paperwork to fill out so it can be rejected by the state so i might as well do that.

i got three holes in me this morning. no, not piercings; nerve biopsy samples. it also confirmed that my ankles are more sensitive than any other part of my lower legs - so that one stung a bit. the thigh and foot where fairly mild by comparison.

i thought i had stopped losing weight but i’ve lost a ring size on each hand so that cannot be good :/

just when i thought things were under control again… sigh.

waking up at 5am for a 7:30 appointment with one of my doctors.

i’m so tired. since losing the ability to sleep normally, i’ve been so tired each and every day.

the short, unplanned facetime calls between and i are some of my favorite moments during the day. we check in with each other; making sure that we are feeling brighter by the time the call is over. for me, it really closes the geographic distance between us.

i'm sure that i could weave some more illustrative language in there to make it more fantastical and other-world-y. however, this could all be accurately described by in a completely un-joking manner by colleagues. ideally i'd like to be a casual neighborhood witch, so it works.

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i am really happy with the fact that you could accurately describe what i do professionally as "a medium for interpreting magic (sufficiently advanced tech), breaker of curses (reverse engineering and bug hunting), and custodian of ancient records (technical writer)"

i'm struggling to eat the cheesecake i bought from our bakery because it is so rich (obviously, bc it is a cheesecake). my stomach cannot handle eating that much at a time because i barely eat anything these days -- this sounds like a joke but it's really not :(

hey apple fam, my resume is being circulated internally. if you wanna hire me for your team, you better make a strong argument for it to my recruiter.

well i had a really nice lavender hot cocoa and have secured a large cheesecake for myself so yay me

i would really like something sweet, i could go next door to the bakery... but i also don't wanna change to go outside. hmmmmm

is there a way to change the key bindings that windows explorer and windows 10 in general has? i want to customize them a bit to better correlate with how my brain maps them.

it's been ~3-4 years since i had to setup a new computer with my dotfiles and development environment configuration and now i'm really lost as to how i am gonna do that when i get hired

like, for the most part i cannot tell when i am squinting because i don’t see a change in my FoV. so yeah it looks like i squint a lot because my eyes adjust to changes in light levels dramatically slower than most people. this is why i wear sunglasses on cloudy days and evenings

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today, for the first time ever, someone noticed that i am sensitive to light (photophobia) and asked if they could do anything to help with it. i was really touched!

tfw you get emails from a recruitment company, asking to be linked to on the β€œnew developer reasources” page you host because β€œwe help new developers too”. i’m left without words. i really am.

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