why don’t icloud device backups also include the app binaries as well?!?! so any app removed from the store you just never get to have it ever again? that is so bullshit.

sob. now to wait 3 hours while my phone restores from icloud backup! (35GB!!!)

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gods. my whole day gone because of some stupid dns entries and really bad error management. i’d like to come for your head mobiledevice team

ok so my phone gets to 54% restored and fails during web requests for the ap ticket. what do i do? /cc @winocm@twitter.com

Posting from my SE as my iphone x still isn’t working. Upon getting halfway through a restore, iTunes errors and stops (53).

charging my old SE because my current phone is being restored and it has email on it, which is shocking for me, and the last time it checked for mail was almost exactly 4 years ago... that is kinda scary.

i've been under the weather for the last week thanks to withdrawl side-effects of some medications i stopped recently and am now just getting back to my "normal" so apologies for any delays on my part.

ugh, so my iphone x has been acting odd for the last day or so. i go and reboot it since i cannot seem to launch any apps at all, and now it is stuck booting to the apple logo and reseting over and over. it also doesn't want to go into DFU mode so i can fix it via itunes...

i… huh… i definitely feel i experienced time loss this morning already. what the heck.

well i have yet again proven i have absolutely no self control or ablitity to sleep.

i swear i’m actually trying to keep a normal schedule here.

i think i’m reasonably well-adjusted considering the extreme levels of pain i’m in all the time. anything that seems aberent is most likely just me being vindictive - though that is also part of my character so it’s more of finding my position as extreme than it should be.

i still find i have to remind myself that all of the physical pain i experience is extremely abnormal. also how, to almost anyone else, it would be completely insufferable. to when i have thoughts like how annoying it is, i’m not just complaining for the sake of it!

i’ve been having random bouts of nausea today and yesterday, which i suspect is from coming off the trileptal i’ve been on for a month.

i’m also wondering, again, how necessary it is for me to be on paxil given how shell-shocked and currently immune to everything i am.

i’m very chilly today. i’m gonna attribute this to the high winds and rain. need to stay nice and cozy.

i normally read exclusively yuri manga, though sometimes i’ll pick up some dark psychological stuff for fun - as that is what i consider light-hearted
and humorous these days. (thanks trauma brain!)

i’ve started to play control and also starting to get nauseous. not sure if the two are related but i’ve had to tweak the camera controls a bit to my liking first. hopefully i don’t have to play this game in short sessions to avoid nausea.

gods, i just went off on someone because i’m so sick of everything being so fucking shit all the time. i’m so fucking sick of how garbage this country is and i hope after covid we get downgraded to second or third world status like we should because everything is so bad.

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