i am in such a fucking foul mood because it’s bright to the point my eyes hurt, you know, just a typical moderately sunny day, and my knees are killing me too.

huh, it is 5 oclock and i feel like shit, i wonder why? oh, i didn’t take my meds at all today. that might be why.

just had a dream where i could read and understand numbered signage and spoken words. there were aspects that definitely felt off, the most strange thing was the language aspect.

when you forgot you preordered something and it arriving takes you completely by surprise.

incredible that playstation shipped a new update that totally breaks party audio chat to the point you
cannot even see that other version parties exist.

yesterday i finally got my first spire of stars clear, and we did it fresh in 21 minutes 10 seconds. i was absolutely floored by that time.

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