tearing through volumes 6 and 7 of happy sugar life. now working on volume 8, i'm really digging it

the color pages to start volume 16 were fantastic, as was the ending sequence to that same volume, it had
me laughing. the series had gone a little while without an interruption like that so it was particularly well placed. i hope the next arc has more layers to it though.

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ended up catching up
on official translations of a few series today, including murcielago, and still got some new novels to start this weekend too! also, i did indulge in some destiny 2, and got one of the missing warlock exotics from solo lost sectors.

today i want to dedicate towards reading and napping. i have a pile of unread books growing
ever larged on my bedside, and i could finish a bunch of them today.

oh oops, i know i'm not working tomorrow so i'm awake at 2am.

i think tomorrow is our last covid day off at work, and i'm gonna miss this.

if i was to respond to one message then i'll respond to every message. if i do that, then suddenly i'm not sleeping to support time zones +/- 3-5 hours to either side of me. it's unfair and impossible to meet the expectations of everyone i support through my work.

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i do work on-call support but generally only agree to that if it's during my workday or if they provide one-way notification hardware. my manager has my cell to reach me in absolute emergencies, but other than that my time is my own and i keep it that way.

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as a remote employee that works from home, i've always made it my policy that i use no personal devices for work tasks, not even for 2fa codes. this is so when i close and stow work devices at the end of the day, i cannot be reached until i choose to open it again.

amazon is just so convenient, order N things and have N+1 packages show up at your door for delivery.

nobody will ever give you a crash course in how to deal with overwrought systems.

when i started this job i promised myself that i'd write down as much as i could and whenever i was asked to work on something. this way i'd leave records of what i did for myself and others and build a personal information library. so far it seems to be working reallw well.

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yesterday at work i wrote a part 2 to my 2015 "codesigning introspection commands" blog post and
it's a little sad i'll probably never post it as a result as it just deals with management of signing identity certs. but I am holding myself to drafting technical documents for work.

friends i'm talking with are commenting on how loki has such strong "Control" vibes, and now i'm waiting for the appearance of the loki version of the threshold kids.

to be clear, this is why i am years ahead of my peers in career advancement. and this is also why i spent the last 3-4 years not working, because i was too unwell to function. i'm only now getting a semblance of my old life back, so please take care of yourself instead.

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i'm honestly pretty disgusted at the discourse going on about working overtime through your youth as a means of career advancement. doing that while putting your health at risk is in no way worth it. anyone that says otherwise doesn't understand the value of what that means.

fuck, i'm exhausted, tomorrow is monday and i'm so tired and didn't get sufficient rest this weekend.

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