i love that twitter has auto-configured the account topic list for me to suggest and include a noted and popular transphobe. feels like this is the exact intended behavior that they were going for.

gods damn, it's criminal how attractive the art in innistrad: crimson vow is. in particular "anje, maid of dishonor" and "chandra, dressed to kill" hitting both ends of the spectrum like that. also the "sisters of the undead" alt of "olivia, crimson bride".

also as much as i need to get started on my day, it also feels like i've had such an incredible moment of (positive) personal enlightenment that i desparately want to write this all down and expound on it before it loses it's magic.

i cannot believe i slept until noon today. i did wake up feeling more mentally whole than i have in a long time, so at least that is in my favor.

*deep sigh*

gods damn. how do some people just take a perfectly good story and fuck it up so badly. i really hate how some authors puppeteer characters into situations that break their agency. it's all the more disappointing when i like the protangonist this much, uugghh.

i've been trying to relax all afternoon but the upstairs neighbors have been attempting to break through the floor or something and it's really starting to piss me off.

although near the end, right as it jumped the shark, a minor character was introduced that had me laughing so hard. pure and unadulterated chaos in the most on-brand way. i really enjoy when i see characters like that, as they are hard to write well and are not terribly popular.

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novel i was reading ended rather abruptly and i'm disappointed in how the author handled it but also recognize they were really struggling for quite some time with direction so it's probably for the best.

my collectors edition crimson vow boosters arrived and i'm in love with the art in this set!! i cannot wait for the set boosters to arrive to see the rest.

i don't know how it's possible that i can feel this weak and there not be anything inherently "wrong" or out of the ordinary.

ugh why does my brain feel so fried this evening. this is not how i was hoping my day was going to end, especially after how well i was doing earlier.

was put into a wildly good mood just now after being severely annoyed at the world at large this past week. although i am not sure it's going to last very long, so i'll have to try to take advantage of it as much as i can for as long as i can.

feel slightly embarrassed that i bought a book, and only halfway through reading it did i realize that it was by the same author as another book i own - only due to an in-universe reference to a character from the other novel series.

i think i'm going to have to have an unpleasant conversation quite soon, as a result of misdirected courtesy - and i cannot help but look at this with unsympathetic eyes as something that was wrought through another's actions

saw a beautiful view of the moon this evening with it coming out of behind the cloud cover that's been present all day.

wait a minute, is skyrim an isekai? how did i never notice this

doing really unwell today, worried i might collapse at any moment because i'm so unnaturally tired.

hmmm, does anyone know why amazon currently doesn't seem to have a listing for set booster boxes for crimson vow? i had preordered a box a month or so back but the listing is now 404 off the mtg store page and i'm wondering if i need to secure a new box.

read through the second volume of "Shiawase Kanako no Koroshiya Seikatsu" this morning, and was a little sad about the fact the puns had less of an impact in english than they did in japanese. although those are incredibly hard to carry in translation as successfully.

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