personally, i am really loving the hatenna/hattrem/hatterene pokemon introduced in swsh. they just wanna be left alone; and i can really really relate to that. oh and their color-scheme also is really good!!

yes, i will retweet just about any picture of girls kissing/gazing/blushing/wall-slamming/embracing or otherwise engaged in intimate or cute activities with each other. as far as i’m concerned, there isn’t enough of that in this world; so, i’m just doing my part by retweeting it.

somehow the prescription i requested get filled and couriered to my house on thursday for friday, still hasn’t arrived and i’m starting to think it won’t ever be…

anyone available soon for a quick link-trade to evolve one of my pokemon? ideally i’d like to get a haunter first so i can do two at once but atm i have a machoke than i want to evolve.

without my cane i do not look disabled, which is bad, because i very much am. so i need it with me, connected to my person, at all times. otherwise i cannot safely navigate the world. despite this, you would be shocked at how often i get treated like it doesn’t belong to me.

to the point where they act leisurely because i’m moving slow as i have to work with only one free hand instead of two, or i’m forced to stand in a long line, or must remain standing while they go off and do something. the whole dynamic feels like it’s purpose is to penalize me.

frustrates me to no end when i arrive using my cane, then am expected to stand around and wait for someone to leisurely assist me while i am forced to stand and work one-handed while the fact i’m disabled is completely hidden from view, and no consideration is given to my ability

i’ve come to the conclusion that the height and configuration of desks/counters/kiosks/etc have been designed such that they can hide from view anything β€œunpleasant” for normies. namely: mobility aids, visible disabilities, small children, etc.

adult brain: holding the β€œA” button during the throw and bouncing of a poke ball while catching a wild pokΓ©mon cannot possibly do anything to affect the odds of success

child brain: it works it works it works it w-

me: *holds the β€œA” button*

game: success!!

me: okay, it works

i stayed in bed today to play pokemon. i am also so exhausted that i’m reconsidering my ability to do the same thing again. the recovery process post-surgery is teaching me a lot about how much i can physically handle doing in a day.

is this pokemon game supposed to be happening in australia??

ah, yes, my copy of sword+shield arrived and now i have to spend an hour trying to reroll the gender on my starter pokemon haha…hah.

ow, ouch, my body is not doing well tonight. the fact i cannot do anything but just accept that this is how things are, for me, is not good. it makes me feel weak and very unhappy with my life. this mindset is unhealthy and i’m really unsure if it’s possible to change it.

okay, i’ve tried to enable the apple watch setting for speaking the current time on each hour but it’s not working. silent mode isn’t enabled, the hourly chimes do work, but i cannot get it to speak the time. i don’t think this should be terribly complicated but it seems it is.

okay, so since i wasn’t directly involved in app dev i just pieced together that my former employer did, in-fact, build Disney+. that is pretty cool, i was on the team maintaining their CI systems and stuff, and on medical leave for most of that but still that’s pretty neat!

i think this is made more frustrating for me as the apple watch instrumental in giving me data that got me the autonomic testing referral and thus, my POTS diagnosis. it was so useful in this regard, but wanting to look at my bpm data in a way other than raw data is too much.

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