my COBRA insurance paperwork arrived today; so hopefully i’ll have my health-insurance reinstated in the next week or so. i’ve been waiting a while for this, and i’m glad i’m reaching the β€œsafe” stretch again.

me: oh! it looks like another book arrived!!

package: *opens*

me: i wonder which one it is, i hope it is the volume 5 of the series that i have 1-4,6-11 of so i can get to reading that!!

book: ta-da!!

me: oh, it’s the smut book.

got an industrial today, only a simple barbell because they couldn’t install the piece i had. photo is a bit blurry, thanks peripheral neuropathy. this is the first one that hurt!! (both of the hoops i have in my nose i couldn’t feel when i had them done)

ugh, i need to be leaving now and i’m feeling real queasy all of a sudden. need to take a few minutes to breathe before i rush myself out the door.

finished filling out the paperwork to the best of my ability. there were a couple of pages of questions relating to low blood pressure, which i don’t believe apply to me so im gonna leave that empty for now.

i’ve got some extensive testing scheduled today, which will take a couple of hours to complete. i’m not super looking forward to how tired i’ll be afterwards. however i think i’m gonna get some new piercings afterwards, so that is something i can look forward too.

bodacious space pirates was a blast. i do wish there was more of the anime. very good combination of campy and serious fun. the first sword fight that marika does was slick as heck with that finisher.

today has been brutal. it’s felt like my whole body has been vibrating on a weird frequency β€” so all my nerve-endings and kinda tingly and the neuropathy is in high gear. that alone is fairly exhausting, then add unstable brain and i’m going nowhere fast. as much as i hate it, i do need to take a breath and slow down before attempting to process things.

cw: dark shit 

cw: dark shit 

cw: dark shit 

cw: self harm -> dark shit 

cw: self-harm i suppose? 

i really am over the moon about being able to read again. it has felt like my brain has been out of commission for months now. it hasn’t allowed me to be able to pick up anything and be able to enjoy it. i am so relieved that i have access to this pleasure again.

it’s been a uniquely terrifying experience to be alone with one’s thoughts, while also not being able to neither distract nor take-in any new information as a result of learning and processing those thoughts.

i am also having temperature regrets as it gets quite cold at night. i need to get up at an appropriate time tomorrow as well to get some imaging done. *grumble grumble*

today i had such a great day. i picked up and finished 7 books. 7!! that was my entire physical backlog!! though i suppose that it is now 3am and i will be having some sleep regrets tonight, but i have no reading regrets!! absolutely none!!

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